WPJobBoard 4.4.3 (Swift Resume Edition)

WPJobBoard 4.4.3 and Jobeleon 1.3.3 were just released and you should be able to update to the latest version using automatic updates. (If you cannot see the update in wp-admin panel, go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates and click “Check Again” button.).

What is new in WPJobBoard 4.4.3?

Until now, resume edition both in wp-admin and frontend was really time-consuming, you need to edit each panel separately, wait for a page to load, fill the form, save it go back to My Resume view rinse and repeat for another panel. Version 4.4.3 resolves this problem, now the whole resume can be edited from a single page, with a user-friendly interface. Play the short video below to see how it works.

Aside from the resumes management there is as usually a couple of small improvements and bug fixes

  • Ability to login using email (this was actually possible when WordPress made it possible but now also the label in login form reads “Username or Email” instead of “Username”. As a bonus, you can download and use a free “Register Using Email” addon which will remove the “Username” field from both Employer and Candidate registration forms.
  • Updated Resume Completion calculation – specifically when Experience and Education fields are trashed they are not being included in the calculations.
  • Automatic Updates via SSL – WPJobBoard communicates and downloads WPJB updates over secure SSL connection.
  • WPJB incorrectly restricting access to My Resume Avatar, on some configurations this made avatars display as “broken” images.
  • Versioning assets (CSS and JavaScript files) to make sure that after upgrading WordPress will load new (not cached) assets.
  • Few XSS vulnerabilities removed (not disclosing where for security reasons).
  • JavaScript was not loaded properly on complete payment pages.
  • Some phrases marked incorrectly for translation.

Jobeleon 1.3.3

Latest Jobeleon version has two updates if you are updating WPJobBoard make sure to update Jobeleon as well.

  • Listing Type field on Add Job Page updated to match the new look default WPJobBoard template has since version 4.4.2.
  • My Resume template files updated, so the Jobeleon can take advantage of new My Resume editor.

Download list of modified files here.


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