WPJobBoard 5.11

We just released an important WPJobBoard update, you should see an update notification within 24 hours max in your wp-admin / Plugins panel.

If you do not see an update notification go to the wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should show the update then.

Since the issues will be published by our partner PatchStack.com in about 3 days, to keep your website secure make sure to update the plugin to version 5.11 or newer.

Security Updates

If you are using WordFence or any other plugin using the PatchStack database to track issues you will probably get a notification asking you to update WPJB.

The issue severity is medium, in this case, it means the issues can be exploited only by a user logged in as an administrator (for example by sending the administrator a malicious link that will trick him into performing some action like deleting a job).

At this time no additional information will be disclosed about the issues to give our users time to update the WPJB.

PHP8 compatibility improvements

We also improved PHP8 compatibility by removing (fixing) multiple deprecation notices showing when using the latest PHP version. It should be now safe to use the plugin with the bleeding-edge PHP version (although it is not recommended).

Resolving notices and deprecations improves the overall PHP code performance although it is unlikely you will notice and performance difference in the browser as the improvement is in the PHP parsing which usually takes no longer than 200ms anyway.

Other changes

Finally, we made some changes to the job board interface in the wp-admin to fix small glitches in the layout like for example a dropdown next to the “Add New” button not aligning correctly.

  1. Thank you for your great support of this product!

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