WPJobBoard 5.4.0 – Application Statuses & LinkedIn

We just released WPJobBoard 5.4.0 and you should soon see this update in your wp-admin panel. If you will not see it within 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should show then.

New WPJobBoard introduces one new, big feature, and a few minor changes and updates.

Application Statuses

The biggest change in new WPJobBoard is a new editor that allows managing application statuses. You should be able to find it in wp-admin/ Settings (WPJB) / Application Statuses panel.

By default, you will see there all default statuses (New, Read, Accepted, Rejected) and you can adjust their name, e-mail template (sent when application changes status), and color of the “bulb”. Each status can have assigned e-mail template that will be sent to notify the user when his application status will be changed to this status.

New E-mail Templates you can create in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB)/ Emails / Add New panel. To be able to choose your new template, it should be a child template of “notify_applicant_status_change”.

If you already have some applications, please be sure to match correct IDs.


On the 1st of March 2019, LinkedIn will remove completely old API. This means, that your old LinkedIn integrations will stop working.

New WPJobBoard is prepared for this. After upgrading to the latest version you will need to go to the LinkedIn Developers page click “Create App” button, create the application again and then configure whole integration like you previously did.

Unfortunately,¬†LinkedIn allows only to share posts now. The feature “Apply with LinkedIn” is reserved for LinkedIn partners. We will try to do something to include this feature in future releases. More details available in our documentation.

Candidate Payment History

The candidates can now their payments history from the [wpjb_candidate_panel] / Payments page, similarly as the Employers can from the page with [wpjb_employer_panel] shortcode.

Other Enchantments

  1. Xing Integration – Now, you are able to provide your job feed to Xing. URL to the feed is available in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Aggregators and RSS Feeds panel.
  2. Resume Category – Click on a category link on resume list will redirect to list of resumes in this category.
  3. Variables in registration e-mail – You can now add {$resume} and {$company} variables into registration e-mails templates.
  4. Filled Jobs Tab – In Employer jobs list, you have a new tab – filled, when you can find all filled jobs. When admin will decide to hide filled jobs on job list, in employer dashboard filled jobs will be visible only in a filled tab, and no longer in the active tab.
  5. Option to change pricing – If your client will choose wrong membership, you can change it for him in wp-admin / Job Board / Payments.
  6. Non-featured Job Search – You can provide is_featured param with value -1, to show only not featured jobs.
  7. Bulk Actions Hook – We added a hook to bulk actions in wp-admin. If you have programming knowledge, you can easily add new bulk actions.
  8. New Colorpicker – We replaced our limited color picker, with a new one. You can see it in the Application Status Manager and in Job Type edition.
  9. Filters for flash messages – You can adjust messages for flash messages using filters:¬†apply_filters( “wpjb_flash_message”, $info, “info” ); apply_filters( “wpjb_flash_message”, $info, “error” );
  10. Days marked as new – Now you can set this config param to 0, and do not show “new” bulb in front-end at all.
  11. Telecommute jobs in Google Jobs – The Google Jobs integration allows now to set the jobLocationType param. If the value will be set to TELECOMMUTE then the job will be marked as a remote position.

Bug Fix

  1. “New” bulb in wp-admin – It should be hidden now when you visit for the first time job page in wp-admin.
  2. Alerts + Yoast – Infinite loop issue should not occur again.
  3. Livesearch override – Live search will not override default search results on page load.
  4. Stripe Recurring Payment – Error visible after saving new recurring payment will be not visible.
  5. Alert without params fix – Alerts without params should be sent properly.
  6. ZipRecruiter Image – ZipRecruiter changed URL to their logo for attribution purpose. The URL has been corrected and the logo should be visible again.
  7. Warnings – Warnings on job edition page were fixed.
  8. Datepicker CSS correction – little adjustments for the mobile location of datepicker
  9. Typos – Some typos were corrected
  10. Import Error – In the previous version of importer data pack without job/company/candidate slug throw an error. In the current version, the code should handle a file without a slug.
  11. Company Import – The company_slogan tag was not imported correctly, also not setting the value for one of the default tags resulted in the value being removed, now the value will be removed only if passed tag is empty.

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