WPJobBoard 5.5.2 – Stripe improvement

We just released WPJobBoard 5.5.2, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements and code optimizations.

The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you will not be able to see it after 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates section and click “Check Again” it should show the update.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.5.2

Bug Fixes

  • Stripe Recurring Payments – There were some issues with registering the recurring payments. To get the integration to work correctly you will need to update the Stripe WebHook see the “WebHook” section in the Stripe integration documentation here.
  • Disabling default files in e-mails – There was no option to disable default files send via e-mail when the user applies. Now there is such an option,
  • Form submission on file upload – It was possible to submit the form when some files were not fully uploaded. Now a form will not allow doing that,
  • Broken URL popup in resume description – When you used TinyMCE in resume form in wp-admin, popup to select URL was not loaded correctly. It is fixed,
  • Short e-mail template name – Field in the database was short, and do not allow to create new templates with longer names. The field is longer now,
  • Security – We improve plugin security in some cases,
  • Company Search Form – After search form was blank, instead of having search params, it is fixed now,
  • Number of applications in wp-admin – number of new applications in wp-admin was wrongly provided. Now it shows the correct number,
  • Missing <p> tags in job description – <p> tag was stripped from job description, tag is now allowed,
  • Category in advanced resume search – Advanced resume search do not allow to use category field, it is possible to use it now,
  • Custom Forms List – All custom forms were marked as default, now correct forms are marked as default,
  • Notices – Some reported notices were removed.
  • List of countries – We made some adjustments in the list of countries, to better match current status.

New Features

  • New filter wpjb_get_list_country – Filter allows adjusting the list of all countries,
  • New filter wpjb_stripe_data_single_payment – Allows to adjust Stripe payment information, to add metadata, or change default information send to Stripe,
  • New filter wpjb_paypal_data – Allows to adjust PayPal payment information, to add metadata, or change default information send to PayPal,
  • Responsive alert popup – Alert popup visible on the search page is now responsive,
  • New action wpjb_after_xml_import – Allows to manage imported object right after import via XML.

These changes affect only the WPJobBoard plugin so we are not updating the Jobeleon at this time.

Stripe Recurring Payments Taxes

When creating a Recurring Membership plans the plan is also saved in Stripe Dashboard / Products panel, this means that if you have the option “No, i will enter prices exclusive of tax” turned on in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Taxes panel, and try to buy a membership it doesn’t include the tax.

The solution to this problem is to go to Stripe Dashboard / Billing / Tax Rates panel and click “Add New” button. The “Type”, “Region” and “Description” fields you can fill as you see fit.

In “Rate” field enter tax value equal to the one you have set in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Taxes panel and in the dropdown next to it select “Exclusive” and save the new tax rates.

The last step is to paste in your theme functions.php file the code below

add_filter( "wpjb_stripe_subscription_create", function( $intent ) {
    $intent["default_tax_rates"] = array( 'txr_...' );
    return $intent;
} );

Just replace the ‘txr_…’ with the actual ID of tax rate you created in the previous step.

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