WPJobBoard 5.6.0 – Remove application & Manage forms

We just released WPJobBoard 5.6.0 and you should soon see this update in your wp-admin panel. If you will not see it within 24 hours go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should show then.

New WPJB version introduces one new, big feature, and a few minor changes and updates and a very important update to Stripe integration.

Remove application

In some cases, the applicant may want to remove applications for certain jobs. Now we allowed this but put all the power to create restrictions for this feature in your hands. In menu: wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configuration -> Resumes Options, you can see new section “Application Management” and it looks like this:

  • Allow Remove – this option enables the option to remove applications by candidates.
  • Remove Status – you may restrict which status application needs to have to be removable. For example, you can allow removing only new applications.
  • Remove Duration – you can also restrict remove options by time. For example, you may allow the candidate to remove the application in 1h after adding it, to correct possible mistakes.

When the remove option is active and you can remove the application you will see a new button in Candidate Dashboard.

Choose and edit form

In the last (bigger) update, we introduced the option to create multiple forms, but unfortunately, you were not able to choose or change form. Now in wp-admin, you can create jobs/resumes/candidates/applications (we will refer to this as objects) using any form you have.

When you are on a certain object page, you can still click “Add New” and use default form, or click the little arrow near this button and chose a certain form from the list.

Also, if you made a mistake, or just want to change form for certain objects, you can do this in the object edition.

We provided examples from the job, but it works the same way for each object type.

Pagination filter

We added a simple filter for pagination, to allow you to scroll down to your jobs list, after page change, if you do not keep your list of jobs at the top of the page. You can do this with this simple snippet:

add_filter( "wpjb_pagination_params", "my_wpjb_pagination_params" );
function my_wpjb_pagination_params( $params ) {
  $params["after_page_number"] = "#jobsearch";
  return $params;

If you are not sure, how to use this snippet, please read our documentation page, about working with snippets.

Other Enchantments

  • Multiselect display – In multi-select fields like a dropdown field, you can now choose if values in front-end should be displayed inline, or in the column.
  • Speed up search query – We changed our search query, to speed up it a little bit. You will see the difference if you have over a thousand records.
  • Indeed HTML description – Jobs backfilled from Indeed now will have HTML tags.
  • Cookie path filter – Allows setting a custom cookie path other than the one defined by WP.

Bug Fix

  • E-mail parsing error – Some users expected issues when e-mails were sent. It should not happen anymore.
  • Trials not attached – Trials memberships were not added properly in some cases. This issue is fixed.
  • Status and Rating for applications can’t be exported – Now, you can easily export application status and rating.
  • Search restrictions for admin – If you set that candidate can be visible in search only if he will buy a membership, the admin was not able to find this user also. Now admin search is not affected.
  • Magic Quotes – If you used the newest version of PHP, the magic you might see notifications that magic quotes are deprecated. Code was changed to do not use magic quotes, and you will not see this information anymore
  • “Have discount” text – Text was visible after payment when you provide a discount. It is hidden after you perform the payment.
  • XSS Protection – WPJobBoard increased security due to possible XSS.
  • Resume remove – When a user has a resume but not a user account in the wp-user table, and you wanted to remove this account and error occur. Now you can easily remove the resume without the user attached.
  • Tables charset – In some cases, some special chars were not saved properly in the database. We changed the charset in our tables to match WordPress standard, so now you can keep special chars and emojis in the job description and other fields.
  • Notices – as always we fixed all reported notices.


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