WPJobBoard 5.6.4

We have just released WPJB 5.6.4, it should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours, if not then please go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button you should be able to update then.

The version 5.6.4 is a maintance release, it fixes some small issues found in the previous version and has some UI/UX updates.

This is a recommended update for anyone, especially for those using WPJB 5.6.0 or newer.

Below you can find a complete list of changes:

FEATURE: We have added a job_address field to the [wpjb_jobs_add] form to allow geolocating the jobs to an exact address instead of up to a zip-code only.

FEATURE: In wp-admin panel the administrator can now see if the user has canceled his memberships.

FEATURE: It is not possible to search the jobs by multiple: cities, states, zip-codes and countries.


  • Bulk changing application status not executing
  • Files do not upload if using a custom form scheme with a file upload field not available in the default form
  • If a file upload field was marked as required the form always returned “field cannot be empty error”.
  • [wpjb_jobs_add] (and registration shortcodes) field was not saving custom fields data if the field was not available in the form marked as default.
  • Screen Options in wp-admin / Job Board panel are not applied when saving.
  • Some unexpected notices showing in the registration forms were hidden.
  • Email Templates not saving (this was a bug due to WordPress 5.5 change in the $wpdb API)
  • The checkboxes were not marked as checked in the Custom Fields editor (this was also due to WordPress 5.5 update, but note the checkboxes were actually checked they just did not display with the “tick”).
  • Locations Widget was using an incorrect param name, so clicking on the link did not direct the user to a correct page with search results.

For now the Jobeleon version is not being updated, but you can expect an update soon to fix an issue with the jQuery.migrate plugin being removed in WP 5.5.

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