WPJobBoard 5.7.0 – Better map

We have just released WPJB 5.7.0, it should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours, if not then please go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button you should be able to update then.

Below you can find a complete list of changes:

Map integrated with [wpjb_jobs_list] shortcode

Now, map is internal part of the [wpjb_jobs_list] shortcode. You can display map using param show_map=”1″, also this shortcode now uses all params that previously was part of the wpjb_map shortcode, so you can use center, width, height, and zoom params, to specify how map should look like.

Map is fully integrated with jobs list, so results for map and list will be the same, no matter if you will use defult search method, or livesearch.

Additionally we adjusted how tab with job details on click will look like, to make it litte bit more modern.

But this is not everything you can make with design. We introduce fully customizable icons for pin and clusters, you can set it in wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configuration -> Google Maps

The last thing we add is a simple feature that always adapts map zoom to fit all included pins, so you do not need to adjust it manually.

One additional thing, that we changed, but maybe you will not notice, is the fact that the attribute center is optional for the map, so you will not encounter an old issues where the map was not working because someone forgot to add this param to the shortcode.

Price Filter

If you do not like how the price is displayed on your page, you can adjust this with the new filter wpjb_price

add_filter( "wpjb_price", "my_wpjb_price", 10, 3 );
function my_wpjb_price( $price, $amount, $currency ) {
return $currency["symbol"] . " " $amount;

$amount is a numeric value of price, and $currency is a currency small array with values symbol for currency symbol, for example, $, and the second value is code with currency code for example USD.

Skip jobs count

In WPJobBoard we have a function that counts a number of jobs in each category, to display a number of jobs in each in a sidebar widget. But some of you may not use this widget and may want to speed up your page, for those of you we prepare a simple filter wpjb_skip_jobs_count

add_filter( "wpjb_skip_jobs_count", "my_wpjb_skip_jobs_count" );
function my_wpjb_skip_jobs_count( $skip ) {
return true;

This code snippet will skip counting, so you will speed up the job adding process, but you won’t be able to use count on widgets.

Bug fixes:

FIXED: When the field was in the trash in one form instance, but in use in the second one, a label from trash overridden label for all forms, this is no longer an issue.
FIXED: Alert logs details were not visible for all logs, now it is visible for all of them.
FIXED: Default job duration was not used during job import, now if the job does not have an expiration date, default duration will be used.
FIXED: During job sorting in wp-admin if the wrong param was provided, an error was shown. Now the wrong param is ignored.
FIXED: On job search, if illegal param was provided error was shown. Now illegal params are ignored
FIXED: On the location widget when the live search was enabled, wrong records was shown, now correct results are shown.
FIXED: LiveSearch did not always include all params during the search, it is fixed now.
FIXED: On adding a new employer from wp-admin, in some cases employer was not added, now, the form is working correctly.
FIXED: On job cloning, the code didn’t know which form should be used, now it is fixed and the default form will be used.
FIXED: When you start editing the alert in the candidate dashboard, the success message is hidden.
FIXED: In the Advanced search form, the multiple option dropdown, did not always return correct results, not it is fixed.
FIXED: If the user filled the job add form with an error, and then try to republish the other job, the form was filled with data from trying with an error. It is fixed now, and in republish case correct data is prefilled.
FIXED: When the user tried to add a new job and click “preview” an error was shown, now it is working (fixed in 5.6.5, but there was no blog post about this hotfix version so we included this on this one)
FIXED: Some users with a newer version of jQuery encounter an issue with a suggestion box, the issue is fixed.
FIXED: Error on the payment page is fixed
FIXED: The XSS issue was fixed
FIXED: Reported notices were removed.

Sliced Invoices fix

Also, please note that if you are using our Sliced Invoices add-on and you have some issues during job adding, we released a new version of Sliced Invoices integration, which will fix this issue.

Application Methods fix

We also made a small update for Application Methods, to make it compatible with the newer version of PHP, so if you have any issues with the Application Methods plugin, you may try this update.

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