WPJobBoard 5.7.3

We just released WPJobBoard 5.7.3, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements, and code optimizations.

The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you will not be able to see it after 24 hours go to the wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates section and click “Check Again” it should show the update.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.7.3

Bug Fixes

  • Map Fixes – the map was not always loaded properly, especially for the Jobeleon users, now it is fixed.
  • Job list params – some params were not used for search, it is fixed now
  • Membership creation in wp-admin – when you created new membership in wp-admin -> Job Board -> Membership, basic settings was not prefilled it is fixed now
  • File upload fix – sometimes when form code was not chosen upload process was interrupted it is fixed
  • JavaScript Today fix – Some users with the newest JavaScript version encounter an issue with one deprecated function it is fixed now.

New Features & Improvements

  • XML feed additional protection – sometimes XML feed was corrupted by unallowed chars, now WPJobBoard strip those tags, so feed is more secure.
  • Improved country search on import – during import, WPJobBoard translates provided country to WPJobBoard system, now it is possible to provide the country with full name, and it should be resolved.
  • Improved security for form code – It was possible to accidentally remove form code from forms, which caused some issues, now it is not possible to do.
  • Better Geolocation – when the location was not provided precisely Google returned and the map showed job in location (0,0) now you should receive results even for a partial address.

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