WPJobBoard 5.8.0

We just released WPJobBoard 5.8.0, this is a small update with mainly bug fixes, small improvements, and code optimizations.

The new update should show in your wp-admin panel within 24 hours. If you will not be able to see it after 24 hours go to the wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates section and click “Check Again” it should show the update.

Below you can find a list of changes in WPJobBoard 5.8.0

New Features

Allow to set expiration date

In the configuration: wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configuration -> Job Board Options, you can now set option to allow employers to set expiration date, instead of setting date based on selected pricing. Separately you can decide if employers can edit the expiration date.

Hide dashboard icons

In configuration, you can hide some dashboard icons for the employer or candidate dashboard.

Allow to chose application form for the job

In job edition from in wp-admin you can choose which application form should be used for a certain job.

Job deletion

When you remove jobs from wp-admin, you can decide what to do with applications and payment history for this job. You can either remove it from a database or keep as unsigned.

New restrictions for employer membership

You can restrict some pages for the employer, and allow access only for employers with certain membership.

Change user for employer and candidate

You can change the owner of the certain employer or candidate profile from wp-admin.

Bug Fixes

  • Stripe Free Membership – when Stripe was the only gateway and membership was free, sometimes the form was not loaded correctly.
  • Multiple registration forms – when registration shortcode was posted on two pages, and validation didn’t pass, users were always redirected to one of those two forms. Now they are redirected to form where they did a mistake.
  • Import – Import allows to make more mistakes in data, as import code better handling with mistakes, like missing slug.
  • Job expiration date during clone – When the job was cloned, the expiration date was set to default value instead of copy value from original job, now the expiration date is copied.
  • Quotation in search – if the quotation was added to the search query, it could return wrong results or errors. It is fixed now.
  • Calendar date range – Calendar (datepicker) for job expiration date ended on the current year, so it was impossible to set expiration date a few years in feature, not it is possible.
  • Job used form – even if choosed form was saved correctly, it was not displayed in wp-admin
  • Notices – all reported notices are removed.

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