WPJobBoard 5.9.2

We just released WPJB 5.9.2, you should see a notification in the wp-admin panel within 24 hours max, if you do not see it, please go to the wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button it should show then.

This is a small update with small improvements and new filters only, it is a recommended update for anyone using version 5.9.0 or newer.

Below you can find a list of changes

  • FEATURE: It is not possible to delete the category and job type even if it has jobs assigned.
  • FEATURE: Disable redirects to 3-rd party sites from the bookmark pages.
  • FEATURE: In the Job Alerts widget admin can allow users to select a frequency (daily or weekly) when creating a job alert and set a default frequency.
  • FIXED: Various warnings and notices shown in the frontend and backend.
  • FIXED: Job data submitted via REST API is now escaped before processing it.
  • FIXED: Job search by zip code.
  • FIXED: Phrases not marked for translation correctly.
  • API: action wpjb_resume_contact_form_sent run after submitting the contact form on the resume details page.
  • API: wpjb_api_job_post filter run after adding job via REST API
  • API: wpjb_imported_*_output filter run after “application”, “job”, “company”, and “resume” import.
  • API: wpjb_tpl_single_top filter added in the “job”, “company” and “resume” details templates.

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