WPJobBoard and WordPress 3.0

I almost finished automatic updates feature for WPJobBoard 3.1, i hope to release the whole package soon. At the same time i needed a new instance of WordPress at my computer to test the upgrades, so i decided to give WordPress 3.0 a try.

After quick installation i uploaded and activated WPJobBoard. So far, i haven’t had a single problem with it, so it’s safe to say that WPJobBoard 3.0 and 3.1 are compatible with WordPress 3.0. I guess that WP developers did a great job to retain backward compatibility for plugins and (probably) themes.

One thing i might change or rather add is new default WPJobBoard theme that takes advantage of new theme, on the other hand as far as i am concerned my demo version is the only blog which still uses Kubrick theme so that might not be a priority.

  1. I will suggest a feature…

    Have some tags like “freelance”/”full-time”, etc. On the topic title, like some job posting themes.

  2. pre-purchase questions – is there a credit line at the bottom, if yes can we eliminated that?

    also do you have a support forum?

  3. Greg

    @tjb i am not sure what you mean by “credit line at the bottom”?

    Support forum might be nice in the future, for now all support is done by email and (i believe) we all find it to work just fine.

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