Three Critical Reasons Why WPJobBoard Benefits SEO

Last week we promised we’d reveal how WPJobBoard benefits SEO, how it helps meet the criteria Google is looking for. Conveniently, the scenario of a site publishing jobs is a useful example for explaining what factors Google favors,  for understanding how to maximize the traffic that Google sends. The factors that Google pays attention to, when it determines who is going to get the most traffic, are many. However, there are basic core principles that haven’t changed much since Google started. We’ll examine how these principles apply to WPJobBoard and how using it in a website can yield gains in SEO.

WPJobBoard benefits SEO through 3 algorithmic principles.

What’s great about job descriptions or candidate resumes is that they appear organically, over time as jobs are posted and candidates apply. They have to be posted as part of a normal placement workflow. It’s hard to get around typing them in to something, one way or another. But when you leverage WPJobBoard it turns your normal workflow into an ongoing SEO campaign, something other types of businesses would have to invest tens of thousands per year to achieve the same SEO effect.

If you leverage WPJobBoard wisely it can kill two birds with one stone, for literally a fraction of the cost of one stone.  Used correctly, WPJobBoard can be used to meet the criteria that Google’s looking for – exactly. Google uses many criteria to determine who gets the traffic when someone does a search. Rather than going through the dozens of variables that matter to Google, its easier to think of them in terms of general principles. These principles make sense when you think about what Google’s job is and how it’s not so simple to to deliver on search engine user expectations so they keep coming back for more. These principles are at the core of Google’s ability to lead the search engine industry. They were initiated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, within their concept of Page Rank[1], the application of algorithm to the problem of serving quality search engine results.

There are three classic principles to establishing SEO on a website: Relevance, Frequency and Authority. Following these principles allows a site to meet the criteria that search engines are looking for. Publishing a job board illustrates these three principles very well, as does publishing candidate descriptions, but let’s  examine the example of the job board. Publishing candidate descriptions is another way WPJobBoard benefits SEO for the same reasons.

WPJobBoard Helps Publish Relevant Content for SEO

The first principle of SEO, Relevance, involves publishing content that’s relevant to the searches of the audience you want to attract. In other words, the pages you publish need to contain content that’s the same as what people are searching for. If the terms used by your desired audience overlap with the terms you’re publishing, you’ll get listed in their search results.

The way to attract the specific type of candidate you’re looking for is to make your job descriptions thick with content and description, never  duplicating the same exact text across different pages. The content that attracts employers best is candidate descriptions. Employers use keywords associated with talents in their talent searches. There’s an SEO benefit to publishing candidate descriptions because they allow leveraging skill-oriented terms that employers use. Last week’s blog post on Job Board SEO talked a bit more specifically about the role of relevant content and how WPJobBoard benefits SEO with the content it facilitates publishing.

WPJobBoard Helps Publish Content Frequently for SEO

The second principle of SEO is frequency, publishing content often. Google crawls sites and looks at sites’ XML site maps in an effort to discover what the site’s published or updated recently. Google favors sites that have more recent information and that develop a reputation of publishing their content regularly. Up to date information is, as a rule of thumb, more accurate information. On Google Search there’s a lot of favoritism towards sites that update their content daily.

It’s very difficult for normal businesses that aren’t listing jobs or collecting candidate resumes to generate relevant content frequently. However, staffing and recruiting companies, companies listing jobs and taking resumes, can create a stone soup dynamic that’s an SEO powerhouse. They leverage the content that’s frequently being generated by those sources and turn them into web pages: job descriptions and candidate descriptions, hiding or showing custom views to the public.

WPJobBoard benefits SEO because it’s not difficult to make interfaces that fit business rules perfectly, letting job authors and candidates complete their entry steps accurately and easily. The more easy and better fit something is, the more your audience or stakeholders will use it. They’ll generate content more frequently. 

Even if a job board isn’t collecting new job listings and candidate resumes, a job board publisher can leverage legacy content using a job board and the native scheduling features of WordPress to create a steady trickle of new content to attract candidates. Even though a site might publish infrequently, it’s better than not publishing at all, or waiting to publish a few articles, posts, or job listings all at once. A site that publishes infrequently will see gains it’s made erode if it doesn’t keep publishing.

Google will send it’s crawlers back frequently if a site changes frequently, for example a news site. If you’re many publishing jobs every single day then the Google crawler will be back to your site very often, to get the latest information you’re publishing indexed. If you publish infrequently, the Google crawler will still check back, but not that often.

WPJobBoard is an Authority Building Platform for SEO

The third principle of SEO is authority. Building authority for a website means having lots of inbound links established on other websites. While the first two principles are easy to work directly towards, authority is more difficult to obtain. While it’s easy to make new web pages frequently, and you have direct control over that, it’s not so easy to get links pointing to your site on other sites. There are some low hanging fruit opportunities that can put a site on-deck, but if you want to hit a home the best opportunities are more exclusive. It’s harder to get links from premiere sites to yours, but it can be done.

The most obvious and immediate way WPJobBoard facilitates building authority through inbound links is by establishing a sound URL structure for stakeholders and your audience to link to. By publishing concise URLS for each job listing, other sites have an easier time promoting what’s specifically relevant to them. For example, say you’re a staffing company, and you list a job for a client, a local manufacturer who has their own website.  That local manufacturer will have an easier time listing the job opportunity on their own site, linking back to their specific job description, if the link points only to their job description, not to some generic job search link. That’s an inbound link! That what builds the staffing company’s site’s authority.

WPJobBoard benefits SEO Authority because it’s configured to allow it’s job posts and candidate descriptions to be shared easily to social media and to bigger job board sites. This is a common way to establish and benefit from inbound links for a site with WPJobBoard installed. Some marketers have even leveraged the powerful ability to create many unique and customized RSS feeds from a single instance of WPJobBoard. This lets many locations, franchises, recruiters with industry focus, local news aggregators syndicate specific job types relevant to them.

These Three Principles Aren’t the Only Way WPJobBoard Benefits SEO

There are many more factors that determine who’s at the top of search results. WPJobBoard addresses many more aspects of SEO than just these three principles. There are technical and markup considerations, expectations of the search engines that aren’t so intuitively understood. There are many more SEO driving features that have evolved into WPJobBoard, driven by the excellence of the user community and their needs. As the web changes, search engines mature and job seekers’ expectations grow, WPJobBoard is dedicated to keeping ahead, keeping your job listings ahead of the competition. There are some very exciting changes coming to the web now, as Google steps into the job listing aggregator role.

Come back next week to learn more about what Google is up to, and what WPJobBoard is gaining to take full advantage.

[1] Page Rank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web – Jan. 29, 1998 – Sergey Brin & Larry Page –

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