WPJobBoard Blog officially launched

Hi, Greg here. Owner and creator of WPJobBoard plugin.

I decided to create this blog because i wanted to keep you updated on what’s going on with WPJobBoard development, sure there is already Twitter account, but 140 characters is simply not enough. More over i believe that blog provides better way of communication with users, i found out that for some reason users are more eager to post a comment then send an email.

I am not sure why is this since i read and answer each email … try me ;>

Either way here is what i am planning to do in following months (in no particular order of importance).

  1. Release WPJobBoard 3.0 – this something i am really focusing on and hope to get beta out somewhere in February, WPJobBoard code was not flexible enough to implement new cool features that (some of) you wanted
  2. Redesign wpjobboard.net – i already made some changes: redesigned purchase page for better usability, changed demo page so you there are now few links to sites using WPJobBoard and obviously i added this blog
  3. New functionality on wpjobboard.net – if you will want to make some cash selling WPJobBoard then you will get a chance to do it since there will be Affiliate Program
  4. Like i promised on the Twitter, there will be new licensing model
  5. I am going to develop WPJobBoard add on – it’s codename for now is WPJobBoardResumes, basically it will allow users to submit their CV’s to database and employers will be able to browse them.
  6. Once WPJobBoard is ready i am planning to release completely new product.

Ok, that’s it for now – i hope to hear from you in the comments!

  1. Great news! I am especially looking forward to WPJobBoardResumes.

  2. Greg

    @Cynthia – “Resumes” is on the top of the wish-list, however i want to have WPJobBoard 3.0 will released first, so i roughly estimate that it will be ready in March or April.

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