WPJobBoard has powerful job listing features that can easily be enabled or disabled by administrators.

Easily Manage Job Listings

Management of your new job board is done right from the native WordPress UI you’re familiar with. As an administrator, you can add, approve, edit, and delete jobs, besides modifying job properties that job posters do not have access to.

Browse Job Applicants

Each application to a job is saved in the plugin’s database. Each one can be easily browsed in the admin panel. All this info can be further secured with auto backup plugins, giving you even more peace of mind if a hack or security breach were ever to occur on your site.

Control Employer & Employee Profiles

From the back end you can control profiles of both job posters and job applications. You can view how many and which jobs a certain employer has posted and also grant or revoke user access to applicant resumes. Each employer profile is connected with a WordPress account registered to your website — by browsing the profiles you can check to see which employer is connected with it.

Control User Resumes

As the administrator you can view, approve, and edit user-submitted resumes so that you can ensure that employers are not subjected to any inappropriate viewing. Although an auto-approve function is also available for resume submission, you can increase trust with job posters and website users by screening each resume posted.

Custom E-mail Templates

Forget the badly-worded default email notifications you get from other plugins and scripts. WPJB allows you to create custom email templates for email notifications — our autovariables have got you covered. Your emails will be both personable and professional.

Custom Fields for Forms

With this plugin you don’t have to feel limited to the default fields when creating new application forms. WPJB allows you to easily create new fields by selecting their type (text, radio, dropdown), name, and validation rules. Yep, we thought you might especially like that feature.

Powerful Visual Editor

Already in love with the powerful visual editor that comes with WordPress? If so, you’ll love WPJB even more for allowing you to use something very similar to create your own job listings and resumes. In fact, the powerful visual editor allows you to organize your application forms with a simple drag and drop U.

Multiple Job Types and Categories

With WP Job Board you can create an unlimited number of job types and categories (e.g. full-time, part-time, freelance, etc.). This encourages user interaction by allowing job seekers to find what they want in the shortest amount of time possible, ensuring regular return visits.

Multiple Listing Types

WP Job Board comes with several features that facilitate multiple times of job listings. For instance, you can give job posters options for the duration and visibility of the listings. You can also choose how much you want to charge posters for each listing, depending on the options they select.

Offer Discount Codes

Looking to get some early promotion in for your new job board? There’s no incentive for customers like a discount! Get your job board off to a flying start and encourage new sales with discount codes. WP Job Board comes with a built-in feature that allows you to create expirable coupons (by price or by percentage) easily.

Job Importing

Wanna increase exposure of your job board and get more job seekers to visit your site? WPJB will help populate your website with listings automatically pulled from other job boards like Indeed and Creer Builder. Don’t worry — no coding skills necessary. Just select a keyword, region, and time period, and you can import filtered jobs that fit your board’s niche. What’s more, WP Job Board can also import listings from XML files, making migration from one site to another easy as pie.

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