A Fully Featured Applicant Tracking System

WPJobBoard integrates into your website quick: show jobs, collect applications, and turn talent into employees.

The ATS With No Monthly Subscription Or Per-Seat Costs

WPJobBoard is the super-configurable, fully-featured Applicant Tracking System that has no subscription costs and no per-seat costs. It’s the ATS solution that keeps every role in your organization satisfied. 

Why is WPJobBoard so different than other Applicant Tracking Systems? 

The WPJobBoard Applicant Tracking System  installs directly into your website quickly. Your company can start listing jobs immediately. Instead of paying hundreds each month to ATS vendors, WPJobBoard enables job listings on your website without third-party systems with no added per-seat costs, software or hardware dependencies. It uses the untapped horsepower of your website to manage job listings and connect talent with employers. Whether you’ve only got a few jobs to list on your company site or your company site needs to list thousands of jobs, WPJobBoard is the most cost-effective and highly configurable solution. Attracting the best talent means being smart and with WPJobBoard top talent gets the best impression from your brand.

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Highly Configurable Job List Views

WPJobBoard shows lists of jobs on embedded directly within a website without redirecting visitors off the site and without depending on outside websites. Website owners and managers have direct control over how jobs are listed, how job lists are displayed, and what jobs are displayed. Everything happens through one easy-to-learn, easy-to-configure, easy-to-manage system that shows jobs using your company’s colors, fonts, layouts and more.

Precisely Tailored Job Descriptions

WPJobBoard works for more than just jobs, but can also be adapted and configured to publish and promote opportunities that aren’t technically jobs, for example volunteer positions. Other job descriptions require the routine display of extra information unique to the industry or job type. WPJobBoard is so configurable that it makes the job-entry process more standard and compliant, more than able to meet unique business rules, helping job editors in enforcing them. Each job displayed in WPJobBoard gets its own unique, easy-to-manage web address. This means promoting the jobs via social media or 3rd party job boards is inexpensive, quick and precise.

Effortless Job Browsing & Advanced Job Search

WP Job Board makes browsing through lists of jobs easy for candidates. comes with a built-in, advanced search engine complete with advanced searching tools, able to filter through a large number of jobs to show only those that match the visitor’s criteria. Jobs can be searched by location, keyword, job type, category, and even by the date they were first posted.

If there’s more you want to offer your visitors, special search criteria that make your job search site more valuable than its competition, WPJobBoard enables configuring unique job search criteria. WPJobBoard is bundled with a powerful Advanced Search Form Builder. The job search tool your site allows visitors to used can be customized using our unique visual form editor. To customize searches, no programming is required – just drag and drop new fields into your form. This form is so super easy to use for visitors, they can clearly see why your site stands apart from other sites they use for job search. Give your job search audience exactly what they want, more reason to return to your site over and over again.

Job Alerts and RSS Feeds

When WPJobBoard is added to a WordPress website it provides so much more than just a job board with job listing and job descriptions. Job seekers can create customized Job Alerts that get emailed to them when they choose, containing the jobs they want. Job Seekers can create customized RSS feeds that they can add to their RSS readers, keeping connected with job opportunities you’re posting in the apps they check daily.

Simple To Use, Simple to Configure Job Application Forms

Job Descriptions feature direct, on-site links to Job Application Forms. Applicants to specific job listings are collected in the database making applications to specific jobs easy to find and easty to manage. Candidates are accelerated into the vetting and placement process without ever leaving your website. Job Application Forms that come with WPJobBoard are easy to customize, collecting only the information relevant to the job or opportunity. When applicants complete their job application, email notifications are automatically fired off to the right people. These notifications are also configurable, allowing notices about new applicants to be routed to employers, managers, recruiters and other specific stakeholders in the placement process. Application information is stored in the database and can be exported easily in short lists.

Configure One Employer or Many Employers

WPJobBoard isn’t just the easiest and most professional way one company can publish and manage it’s opportunities being offered. It can also be configured to be a multi-employer job board, showing job opportunities from many employers in one website. Local community sites can host their own job listings. Industry vertical publications can host job listings from key employers. Employers can even manage their own jobs through their unique customizable information management interface, the Employer Dashboard.

3rd Part Self-Management of Job Listings

Employers given permission can post and manage their own job listings. Every registered employer sees and manages only the information unique to them through their own unique profile view: the Employer Portal. The employer can manage information about their company: company name, location, description, and logo.
When an applicant fills out a job application form the application information is displayed to the employer, if configured, through the Employer Portal. Website publishers that install WPJobBoard can even charge employers to post job listings, extending this powerful built-in feature into a revenue source.

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