The Most Customizable Job Board. Ever.

We understand the importance of customization for you or your client. That's why we've made customization in WPJB a breeze.

Responsive Support & Extensive Documentation

WPJobBoard comes with the best support and documentation in applicant tracking solution technologies. We know that implementing a highly configurable solution with so many options can often seem a formidable task, but with WPJobBoard you’re certainly not alone. When you support us and our development of the best job board solution we support you. We go to the utmost effort to provide top-notch customer support whenever you’ve got a question. You don’t have to be stuck! We’ll even go so far as to troubleshoot WPJB problems on your server.

WPJobBoard has a lot of up-to-date documentation that can help guide you through the entire configuration process. There’s so much explained in detail. Topics include shortcodes that are specific to WPJobBoard, translation, details on how to customize automated emails and how to manage custom fields. It’s a complete system right out of the box, but more of a flexible toolkit the deeper you dig into how differently it can be configured, free or revenue based, public or private.

We’re improving interfaces and refining features constantly, listening to our user base closely. Take a look at our Blog to see how often, how much we put into making WPJobBoard more than just the best ATS solution for your company; we help you make its power meet its potential.

Customizations Done for You

Want to get your job board customized … but lack the know-how/time to do it? No problem! We’ll do it for you. Just send us a list of the changes you need and we’ll get back to you with a quote for the customization within one business day.

Hooks, Filters, & Actions

Multiple hooks, filters, and actions are already embedded inside WPJB’s code. If you’d like to extend the plugin’s functionality with some of your own additions (without modifying the original files), though, that’s not a problem either.

Template Files

A built-in templating engine allows you to redesign your job board in any way that your heart desires. If you’re already familiar with the standard WordPress theme structure, that’s a plus — you’ll feel right at home when changing the job board and resume layouts. What’s more, our tutorials (complete with “best practice” lists and time-saving hacks) will guide you through the entire process.

Custom Fields

The drag and drop custom fields allow you to quickly add, remove, and edit fields in application, job posting, company, and resume forms. You can even create draggable field groups.

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