Add A Job Board To Your Website

WPJobBoard is a solution for listing jobs on websites. Job candidates find the jobs they're looking for quickly and easily. Management of listings is simple and intuitive. No subscriptions. No per-seat costs.

Effortless Job Browsing

WPJobBoard comes with a built-in, advanced search engine that allows you to filter through all posted jobs to find exactly the one you want. You can search jobs by location, keyword, job type, category, and even date of posting. Being able to find jobs that match job seekers’ skills makes your job board valuable to both job seekers and employers. Jobs lists are configurable and can be customized to match a brand’s style and a site’s layout.

Advanced Job Searching

WPJobBoard contains a powerful Advanced Search Form. Search forms are easily are easily customized using a visual form editor.  No programming is required; just drag and drop new fields into your form. The search forms you publish can have information that’s specific to your visitors, their industry or roles.  When performing searches, visitors  can clearly see which search parameters are being used to filter jobs and can refine search results with single clicks.

Simple-to-Customize, Advanced Job Application Forms

Most job board plugins offer no support for creating custom job application forms; they only let you ask the questions they’ve pre-added. WPJobBoard has the ability to highly customize the job application process. This allows applicants to fill in key  information, minimizing confusion, answering required questions and providing answers that can be either free-form or normalized. Forms can be configured to allow attaching multiple required files or none. When application forms are completed automatic emails are sent directly to administrators and named job stakeholders containing as little or as much of the applicants information as needed. The applicant and their application meta data are stored in the WPJobBoard database for as long as administrators allow.


Job & Applicant Management

WPJobBoard does more than just list jobs. It’s built on the powerful content management features of WordPress, so managing job listings is easy for one person, a small team or even for employers across multiple companies  – all in one fast, searchable system. When recruiters, HR professionals and staffing companies need an applicant tracking system, they turn to WPJobBoard instead of subscription based 3rd party application-as-a-service ATS solutions.

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