Job board frontend features

WPJobBoard has well balanced set of frontend features. This section describes core and most interesting job board functionality.

Effortless Job Browsing

WP Job Board comes with a built-in, advanced search engine that allows you to filter through all posted jobs to find exactly the one you want. You can search jobs by location, keyword, job type, category, and even date of posting. This unique feature will make your job board all the more valuable to both job seekers and employers. It’s built-in advanced search engine allows searching by location, keyword, job type, category and the time of posting. This makes your job board more valuable to job seekers.

Advanced Job Searching

If simple job browsing is not enough for you, WPJobBoard is bundled with powerful Advanced Search Form, which you can customize using visual form editor, no programming required, just drag and drop new fields into your form. This form is super easy to use for visitors,  they can clearly see which params are being used to filter jobs and can customize search results with a single click.

Job Alerts and RSS Feeds

To make your job board even more attractive to job seekers, WPJB comes with a unique feature that offers 2 options for seekers to regularly engage with your board. The first option is an RSS feed, and the second are personalized email alerts (daily or weekly). This makes your site more valuable to employees, and therefore, more valuable to employers as well.

Simple Job Application Forms

Whereas most job board plugins offer no support for built-in user applications, WPJB aims to streamline the job application process by providing you with an option to add an easily customizable application form to each job listing. This allows applicants to quickly fill in their information and attach required files. Form completions are sent directly to employers’ emails are also saved in the plugin’s database.

Employer Dashboard

Every registered employer can create their unique profile from Employer Dashboard. The profile can contain information about the company name, location, description, and open listings. Data entered into employer profiles saves a pre-fill for the add job form, making it easier for employers to post future jobs.

From the dashboard Employer can also manage all his job postings, received job applications, purchased memberships and manage his account.

Job & Applicant Management

After logging in, employers can easily edit their job posts (depending on whether you’ve enabled this privilege in WPJB settings), accept/reject applications from various candidates. Furthermore, each listing can be republished by an employer with one click.

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