Job Board = SEO Content Power

Don't keep feeding the job board giants the content that would make your site grow instead. Bring that SEO benefit back where it belongs by listing your jobs on your site.


WPJobBoard uses markup in job descriptions. This helps search engines crawl and index job listings. SCHEMA.ORG markup helps a search engine’s robots recognize what’s unique and relevant in a job listing, making sure it gets shown to search engine users as a job posting, and not as some other type of content. This boosts your site’s appearance in search engine queries.

SEO Integration

The WPJobBoad content marketing model was developed so that it follows Search Engine Optimization best practices. Every step along a job listing’s lifecycle takes into account how the final output is seen by search engines. Search engine considerations are important when job descriptions are edited, stored, published and de-listed. WPJobBoard makes sure key terms are editable in title tags, heading tags, emphasis and page URLS so job editors can get candidate views from search engine traffic.

Social Media Marketing

If your company has job listings on it’s website, you should be linking to those listings with posts on social media. WPJobBoard is optimized for leveraging the power of social media marketing, one of the newest, most cost-effective means to attract job candidates. We’ve made it easy for visitors to share job listings through the major social networks.

WPJobBoard uses the same permalink rules as the rest of the content on your WordPress instance, letting each job listing to have it’s own unique web page address without requiring strange looking characters or codes. Not only will the links look sensible when people share them, but they’ll also pull text and images (if included) from the job post, automatically. This lets WPJobBoard combine with the newest social media sharing and engagement plugins, meeting your site’s technology standards while keeping ahead of competition on social media.

WPJobBoard’s powerful RSS features allow marketing automation strategies that are location, skill or trade specific. Smart targeting means social audiences see what’s relevant to them and identify your site as their source for the specific jobs they’re looking for.

Job Aggregation – Syndicate In via APIs or Syndicate Out with RSS

With WPJobBoard your news, community or industry vertical site can syndicate in job listings from major job aggregation sites — like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and even LinkedIn — into your job board, giving it higher levels of activity and thereby more attractive to job seekers.

With WPJobBoard content aggregators don’t just have access to your job feeds so they can help get the word out to a wider audience. They also have pre-filtering abilities by translating job search criteria into customized RSS feeds. Let them see and pull only the content that they need to engage with their audience, the candidates they’re attracting for you.

Email Alerts

To help job seekers stay engaged with your job board, WPJB has some pretty nifty features, one of which is email alerts. Users can choose to receive special email notifications from your website when a new job listing is posted containing a specific keyword.

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