SEO & Marketing Markup

WPJB was developed with the markup. This markup helps search engines to understand what your site is all about. helps a search engine’s spiders to interpret a job posting as a job posting, and not as any other type of content. This boosts your site’s relevancy to any search query with a keyword like “job” in it.

SEO Integration

We developed this plugin with search engine algorithms in mind. Every line of code we’ve written is as search-engine friendly as can be. Furthermore, the plugin ensures that optimizing job posting titles and descriptions is an easy task for the job poster.

Social Media Marketing

We here at WP Job Board understand the power of social media marketing, particularly when it comes to the promotion of a job board. That’s why we’ve made it super simple for website browsers to share job listings they come across on any of the major social networks.

Job Aggregation Sites

To help boost the buzz on your job board, you can syndicate job listings from major job aggregation sites — like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and even LinkedIn — into your job board, giving it higher levels of activity and thereby more attractive to job seekers.

Email Alerts

To help job seekers stay engaged with your job board, WPJB has some pretty nifty features, one of which is email alerts. Users can choose to receive special email notifications from your website when a new job listing is posted containing a specific keyword.

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