WordPress Integration

WPMU Compatibility

If you run a large network of sites/blogs, you probably using a tool like WordPress MultiUser to help you manage everything. Our plugin is fully compatible with WPMU.


You don’t read English all that well? No problem — WP Job Board is translation ready, meaning that you can navigate the plugin with any of the 40+ languages a plugin like WPML has to offer.

Shortcode Support

Does your theme have a special package of shortcodes that you’ve grown especially fond of? Perhaps you’ve installed another WordPress plugin that improves your site’s abilities with the addition of several shortcodes? No worries — the different post types that you create with WPJB fully support all shortcodes.

Built-in Widgets

Extend your job board’s functionality with the custom widgets that we’ve built right into our plugin. The second you activate WPJB, you’ll be able to create several new kinds of widgets that we’ve specifically developed to help make your job board all the more awesome!

Use ANY WordPress Theme

That’s right, WP Job Board is a WordPress plugin compatible with pretty much any theme that’s ever been released, both free and premium. The paint job for your job board is your decision. You’re not restricted to using any custom theme that we’ve developed.

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