404 instead of job/resume/company page

If you see error 404 instead of a single job page, resume page or company page? This issue has a really simple solution.

Global issue

This part will describe what you may try if you have an issue with some global page (like a list of jobs, form, all single resumes etc.).

First thing you need to check if you have correct configuration in wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configuration -> Default Pages & URLs. Each shortcode should have a proper page assigned. In the case of single elements, the most important are shortcodes with a list of jobs/resumes.

If all settings are correct, you can also try to refresh permalinks. To do this, just go to wp-admin -> Settings -> Permalinks, and just click “save” without making any changes.

Single Job/Resume/Company

This issue may also occur for a single job or resume or company. In this case, issue may be local with certain jobs. To check if this is the case, edit one of the jobs in wp-admin and just click “save” this will refresh permalink for this certain job, and it should be visible. Please check on the front-end if this helped if yes, you need to refresh all jobs – if you have plenty of them, contact us and we will send you our debugging software that will help you to do this with one click.

Sometimes the issue is less complex, and you just trying to access a job that is not active, expired, or blocked for certain users. Please note, that admin has access always, so checking results using your admin account may be misleading. We recommend to test results in front-end using incognito mode, this will also reduce chance, that your fix worked, but you can’t see it because of the cache.


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