Advanced HTML Emails

Emails are the most popular communication method when contacting employers or candidates. Now we have 3 configuration options for emails: Emails, Live Composer, and HTML Editor.


The First function we have are Emails.

Here you can create and edit predefined emails that will be sent to the administrator, employers or candidates.
When you click on one of the email’s titles the edit form will show

The for has following configuration options

  • Sender Name – The name in From header (ie. John Doe <>)
  • Sender Email – The user email in From header (ie. John Doe <>)
  • BCC – Here you can write an additional email address to which you want to receive copies of this message
  • Email TitleMessage Title
  • Email Format – You can change the format of your email and make HTML version. There are 3 options.
    • Plain Text –Selecting Plain Text will make WPJobBoard send emails in plain text format (without HTML only), hence selecting this option will leave only Body Text field below. 
    • HTML – If you want to make more elegant email you can use HTML option  and creates a more interesting email by filling the Body HTML text field below. 
    • HTML (Advanced) – This option is for advanced users, it works pretty much the same as the HTML option, except instead of visual text editor you can create an email template using just HTML tags.

You might note that when you switch between options in Email Format, the Body Text field never disappears, this is because, the plain-text version of the email message is always sent in case client is using an email client which cannot handle HTML, in this case, he will see a plain text version of the message.

You can see it below.

Live Composer

Now let’s go to the second panel which is Live Composer.

Using this panel you can change email background, text, buttons, and links colors to match your brand colors and see the changes in live preview

In this place you have many options about the design your email, you can change all and you do not need to know the color code. You must only to press what you want to change and it will open palette with colors.

You can revert back to the default color by clicking the “revert” button next to the color field.

HTML Editor

Last function is HTML Editor.

Here you have all code your email, this place is for a programmer who wants to create a more advanced email templates.

This panel allows modifying the structure of the HTML messages, making changes here requires at least some HTML and CSS knowledge.

We can change 3 files:

  • Email Template – This is the main template file, the content you write in individual Email Templates will be embedded into this email (the content will replace the {$content} variable).
  • Demo Content Template – This file is being used only in Live Composer, it showcases various email elements so it is easy to live preview them.
  • Template Stylesheet – CSS file which is added to Email Template, before them email is sent.

You can always test your changes on different email clients using tools like Litmus.

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