Application Methods

The Application Methods add-on allows selecting different job application methods on a per job basis, users can enter one or more emails to which job application notifications will be sent, a URL to which the Apply Online button on job details pages will redirect a WhatsApp number applicant can use to contact Employer.

To use the add-on download it from the Client Panel and install it like any other WP plugin from the wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel.


The configuration panel you can find in the wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Application Methods section (it will show there only after activating the AM extension).

There are currently few options only

  • Backward Compatibility (disabled by default), if you enable this option then when no application method is selected when editing a job the default application method will be used (ie. the job details page will show as if the Application Methods extensions was disabled)
  • Hide WhatsApp (disabled by default), unchecking it will show an input to enter a WhatsApp number applicant can use to contact the Employer

Applications Method for Administrator

When creating or editing a job posting from the wp-admin / Job Board / Jobs panel at the bottom you will see the section¬†“Application Methods” as in the image below



Apply Online Form

This method will display the application form. Applications will be sent to all listed e-mails. You can add how many e-mails you want. It looks like in the image below.

External URL

This method will display the apply button, redirecting the user to an external page where the user can apply. It looks like this.


Note this option will be available only if allowed in the wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Configuration / Application Methods panel.

When you click on the WhatsApp checkbox you will be able to enter an international (that is starting with your country code) phone number

LinkedIn (no longer available)

If you want to use this method, you must go to wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Configuration and find LinkedIn and you must add your API Key/Secret Key, and when you write this key’s you must slide under and select¬†Allow applications from LinkedIn

Application Methods in the Frontend

In the front end users posting a job can also take advantage of the Application Methods, in the [wpjb_jobs_add] form the Application Methods will look and work similarly as in the wp-admin panel.

On the job details page all the enabled application methods will be listed below the job description (where originally the default Apply Now button used to be)

Importing Application Methods

When importing a job using XML or CSV you can also import the application methods, below you will find two examples explaining how to enter the import data for each file type

Importing From XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

The above XML code will update application methods for the job with ID=779, but you can also use the <application_methods> tag when adding a new job.

Importing From CSV

In order to import application methods from a CSV file, your file needs to have, job.application_methods.url or job.application_methods.whatsapp header and a value for the header.

The CSV import file that will import application methods for the job ID=779 should look like on the image below

Please note that in both imports CSV and XML if you want to send the job application to more than one email address you need to separate the email addresses by comma.


You can download this extension from the Client Panel.

  1. Is there a way of customizing the text that appears on the button that links to an external application site?

    Currently it says “Visit Application Site” and I would like to customize that to say instead “Apply Now”.

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