Broadbean Integration

Broadbean develops a clever piece of online recruitment software that helps recruiters globally source candidates from job boards. Integration between WPJobBoard and Broadbean (or more specifically AdCourier) allows to automatically push jobs from Broadbean panel into WPJobBoard. Additionally, the integration allows receiving by email job applications to your Broadbean account.



In order to use the integration just download it using link above and install as a plugin from wp-admin panel. Once done you will need to provide Broadbean with URL where job will be sent. In pretty much any installation will be URL similar to

Fields Mapping

By default the integration is configured to properly save data in WPJB database. In case you would like to save in DB some custom fields data as well you can do this using wpjb_broadbean_map filter.

For example, lets assume you have a custom field named “job_salary”. In the AddCourier API Docs you will find that it is also sending in the XML <salary> tag. This allows us to map job_salary Custom Field to <salary> in XML, you can do this by adding following code in your theme functions.php file

add_filter("wpjb_broadbean_map", "my_wpjb_broadbean_map");
function my_wpjb_broadbean_map($map) {
  $map["salary"] = "meta__job_salary";
  $map["job_type"] = "tag__type";
  $map["postcode"] = "job_zip_code";
  return $map;

Now custom field with name job_salary will be filled when job is imported from Broadbean. Additionally the code will fill Job Type (tag__type) from <job_type> tag, and default field job_zip_code from <postcode> tag.

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