Default Pages and URLs

Default Pages and URLs you can find in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Configuration. This page has four main group boxes: Main, Shortcode Pages, Details Pages Slugs and Redirect After.


You can see 2 option:

Job Board Mode – You can use Embedded or Shortcode (recommended).
Custom Post Types –  here you can turn on or off custom post types.

These are settings for advanced users if you are not familiar with WordPress API you should leave it as is, the recommended configuration is Shortcoded mode with Use Custom Post Types checked, the Embedded mode is deprecated and we discourage using it.

Shortcode Pages

Here you have a list of shortcodes and assigned the page to them, you can change page assigned to shortcodes. If you decide to change a page, make sure that the new page to which the shortcode is assigned to has the shortcode in the Page (in wp-admin / Pages panel) content.

Details Pages Slugs

Here you can change details pages slugs, please remember if you change something you must go to section wp-admin / Settings / Permalink and click “Save Changes” button to apply the changes.

Redirect After

Here you can change default WPJobBoard redirects when some action occurs. For example, if you enter an URL in Job Application field then when user will successfully apply for a job he will be redirected to your selected URL.


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