Emails Alerts

Email Alerts can be used by customers to receive notifications about new job postings, for users there are two ways to subscribe to the email alerts: ‘Job alerts’ widget or shortcode [wpjb_jobs_search].

Subscribing To Job Alerts

First subscription method is Job Alerts widget, this widget looks like this.

You must write “Keyword” and enter your email address and click “Create Email Alert” button this will create an email alert which will send daily notifications about new job postings related to your entered Keyword.

Second method is to subscribe from [wpjb_jobs_search]. If you don’t have it on your page you must go to WP-Admin / Pages / Add panel, add new page and paste this shortcode in the text. This looks like this in the frontend.

When you will click on “Search” button you will see the search results page

Users will have an option to subscribe and if they click on “Subscribe To This Search” button a new window will open. In this window, users can provide their email address and select how often the notifications will be sent.

When subscribing form [wpjb_jobs_search] user is being subscribed to his current search, so for example, if user did not enter any search params in the search form he will receive notifications about all new jobs, if he entered “New York” in Location field he will be notified only about jobs in New York.

Managing Email Alerts

All Email Alerts you can manage from wp-admin panel. You must go to wp-admin /Job Board / E-mail Alerts.

When you are on E-mail Alerts you can see the list all Email Alerts and Subscriber and information about Email, Created AT, Last Run. Frequency and Params (Keywords).


  1. is there a way for the user to manage alerts in the dashboard?

    • Greg

      I am afraid not, we are planning such feature but right now it is not available.

      • Jana

        Was this implemented? Thanks

        • Greg

          Yes, candidates can manage their alerts from the [wpjb_candidate_panel] / My Alerts panel.

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