Emails sent to Candidates


Email is sent when candidate registers using candidate registration form.

Avaialble variables:
{$username} – username selected when registering
{$password} – unencrypted password
{$login_url} – full url to login form


This email is sent to to email address specified in application form. If the application form does not have email field, then message is sent to email address specified in user profile (works for logged in users only).

Available variables:
{$job} – Job object, contains all information about job to which applicant is applying
{$application} – Application object, contains all information from application form


  1. Hi, is there a variable to send candidates the URL of their resume?

    • Hi, currently i am afraid there is no variable for this.

  2. lawrence howlett

    Hi – Is there an auto job match notification sent to candidates when a job matches their profile? I.e. on a cronjob?

    • Greg

      Hi, i am afraid there is no such feature in WPJobBoard.

  3. Is there a way to send a mass-email to notify all applicants once a job is filled? You know, to let them down easy? (My client envisions this happening when they clicked the “This Job has Been Filled” button.)

    • Greg

      @Adam, by default not, this would require some custom programming in order to develop.

  4. Stanley Ezeokeke

    IS there any email template that sends out an activation link before their accounts can be active, a way of making sure they register with correct email addresses.


    • Greg

      Currently not, all accounts are activated automatically, although we are planning a free addon that will allow email/account verifications.

      • Andre

        Do you have an update on it Greg? Is this featured available?

        • Somewhat, we have a Random User Password extension it allows to send an automatically generated password to the email address provided in the registration form, the user will be able to login only by using the password from the email.

  5. Aisah

    is there a way to edit the email body of the template with an if function?

    example: if an application is accepted then {show text 1}
    if an application is rejected {show text 2}

  6. Hi Greg, is a notification email sent to applicants upon rejection?

    • Greg

      Hi, yes WPJB sends “Application status changed” email when application is rejected/approved.

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