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Featured Companies Addon allows displaying a list of companies logos  (in grayscale) using Widget or a [wpjb_featured_companies] Shortcode. This is usually being used to showcase biggest or well-known companies that are using job board, so basically, this is a promotional tool. Below you can see how the addon will look live. There is also a nice transition effect when you hover over one of the logos, unfortunately, this is not visible on the image.

Featured Companies Addon

Installation and activation

Featured Companies Addon can be installed like any other WordPress plugin from wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel, note that in order to activate the plugin your server needs to have PHP GD library installed.

Using as a Widget

Once you have the plugin activated you can add Featured Companies widget to one of your theme sidebars. The widget has a couple of options.

  • Title: this is a title that will be displayed above the widget in the frontend
  • Featured Companies: this is a list that allows selecting companies you want to feature, otherwise first 10 active companies with uploaded logos will be displayed.
  • Max Height: maximum logo height, all logos will be resized (proportionally) to height set here, the height cannot be less than 50px.
  • Show: maximum number of items to show, this option is applied only if you do not select any companies on the Featured Companies list.

Using as a Shortcode

You display featured companies using [wpjb_featured_companies] shortcode, the shortcode accepts the same parameters as a widget (except the title), below is an example with all available parameters.

[wpjb_featured_companies company_ids="1,3,2,4" max_height="100" show="10]
  • company_ids: is a list of Company IDs separated by a comma. The IDs you will find in wp-admin / Job Board / Employers panel.
  • max_height: this is basically the same param as described in the widget above.
  • show: this is also the same as described in the widget section.

Custom template

If you do not like how the widget/shortcode is being displayed you can replace featured companies widget template using wpjb_addon_fc_template  filter, please see the code below

add_filter("wpjb_addon_fc_template", "my_wpjb_addon_fc_template");
function my_wpjb_addon_fc_template($file) {
    return get_template_directory() . '/my-featured-company-template.php';

of course in order to make it work you need to have my-featured-company-template.php file inside your active theme directory.



  1. sara.technologies@gmail.com

    I have installed and activated the plugin for features companies..but its not displayed when i used the short code even no companies are displayed in Feature company widget..Please visit following link http://grandtechnologies.net/demo/recruitment/

    • Greg

      Please note that you need to mark at least one Employer as featured (when editing Employer profile there is checkbox for that). If this won’t work please send me an email i will look into that.

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