Gallery / Portfolio

This is a small plugin that allows adding Gallery or Portfolio to My Resume, after activation the plugin will add “Gallery” group and field to My Resume form (you can edit the field later using Custom Fields). Uploaded files can be browsed in the frontend using Lightcase gallery. Below is a sample screenshot.

Gallery clickable miniatures list

Gallery clickable miniatures list


Download WPJobBoard Gallery 1.1

In order to uninstall, first, deactivate and delete gallery plugin and then (optionally), using Custom Fields delete “Gallery” group and field.

  1. Great addition,
    how can i activate the lightcase plugin?
    Can you suggest a plugin to install?


    • Greg

      The Lightcase is bundled with the Gallery plugin, after activating the plugin Lightcase should work out of box (if it doesn’t it might mean you have some JavaScript errors on site).

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