Getting Started

Installation and Activation

WPJobBoard is installed like any other premium WordPress plugin, you can do this from wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel. For more details on installation please see Installation and Activation tutorial.

To get you started WPJobBoard upon first activation will create a couple Pages for you, each page will have a single shortcode that renders some WPJB functionality. The default pages structure will look like this

Feel free to add, edit and delete Pages with this shortcodes, just note that if you decide to modify pages structure you need to also update default pages in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Default Pages and URLs panel.

The shortcodes listed above render the main functionality that usually most of the job boards want to have aside of this, there are few shortcodes you can use to further extend WPJB functionality

In order to use any of this shortcodes create a page from wp-admin / Pages panel and place the shortcode in the content (or place it on existing page if you want to).


Most of the time you will want somewhat customize or configure your job board, here is a couple of actions you might want to take:

  • WPJobBoard is bundled with multiple widgets to make your job board more interactive. We recommend adding at least Job Board Menu and Resumes Menu widgets (although since verison 4.3 it is no longer required).
  • Configure Categories and Job Types.
  • Modify almost ANY of your forms using Custom Fields drag and drop editor.
  • If you want to charge Employers for per job posting, for resumes access or monthly membership fee, please see our detailed Pricing and Payments guide.

What’s next?

The above are just most common steps you might want to take when getting started with WPJobBoard, but that’s not all, if you would like to dig deeper into what is possible with WPJB, please check our the rest of Knowledge Base.

  1. Is there a way to create a “Thank You” page when a job application is filled out? We are not seeing that for our implementation of this plugin.

    • Greg

      currently when user applies for a job he is redirected back to job details page, with a notification that application was submitted, but you can customize WPJB to have one, in order to do that:
      1. from wp-admin / Pages panel create a “thank you” page in the content put [wpjb_flash] shortcode.
      2. in your theme functions.php add following code

      add_filter(“wp_redirect”, “my_application_redirect”);
      function my_application_redirect($url) {
      if(isset($_POST[“_wpjb_action”]) && $_POST[“_wpjb_action”]==”apply” && stripos($url, “#wpjb-sent”)) {
      $url = “http://url/to/thank/you/page/”;
      return $url;

  2. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the response! In my email response to you, I asked about this before reading your above response. So, please ignore that.
    I will give it a try.

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