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Google Jobs or Google For Jobs is a feature introduced by Google in 2017. When searching for jobs in Google aside of Images, Maps and other tabs you will also see “Jobs” tab. You can have your jobs indexed there but your job board needs to met some special requirements. Our Google Jobs integration will help you do that quickly and easily.

Configuring Google Jobs

In WPJobBoard you can configure Google For Jobs from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Google Jobs panel. Once you will get there you will see interface similar to the one on the image below

Google For Job Configuration

The configuration is divided into three main parts:

Employment Type Map – allows mapping your job types, that is Job Types set in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Job Types panel to job types recognized by Google. It is highly recommended that you map your job types, if you will not do it the job types in Google search results will display as “Other”.

Fields Map – out of box WPJB will generate JSON code for each of the job posting, using the Fields Map you can customize the default settings for each property to optimize your job board integration with Google.

Preview Using … – the Preview box allows live previewing changes you make in the two previous boxes. WPJB will use for preview the first available job (if you do not have any jobs in the database the preview will not work) will generate for this job a JSON-LD snippet and list warnings and errors.

The red errors are something you definitely need to fix by mapping a field, the orange warnings are recommendations you do not need to have them filled, but it is likely that the more fields you have filled the better your job will rank in Google Jobs.

For the most part, the preview box will validate your JSON-LD snippet, but to be extra sure, click the “Validate” button. It will open the Google Structured Data Testing Tool where you can test snippet as well.

If you would like to use the preview with a different job click the “use different job” link, you will see an interface that will allow you to search and select a different job

Different job selection in Google For Jobs Configuration

Mapping a Field

For example, let’s assume that in the job form you have a field “Skills” (and named “skills”). You will most likely want to map this field to “skills” property in the generated JSON snippet.

To do click “Select property you would like to customize …” drop-down and select “Skills”. A new row will appear below, inside it click on “Select field to map” drop-down and select your Skills field. Once you do that click “Update“, the field will be saved and the snippet will automatically refresh.

Note that if all your jobs require the same skills you might not want to fill them for every job. In this case, in “Select field to map” you can select “Static Text” option, a new field will appear below. In the below text field you can enter text which will be used for all jobs.

Usually, mapping a field will require selecting just one field. When mapping more complex properties like Location or Organization you will need to map multiple fields at once, if you want to map just one property to that and for others select “Inherit“.

Google Jobs Suggestions

To keep you up to date with the Google Jobs data for each of your jobs we created a “Google Jobs” widget in the sidebar of the job edition page.

Google For Jobs in Job Edition in wp-admin panel

The Google Jobs widget will let you know which required and recommended fields are missing. You can use this information to quickly fix the problem and have your jobs indexed in Google Jobs search engine.

Final Tips For Getting The Best Results

  • At all costs avoid spamming. This includes mainly things like stuffing your JSON snippets with text which is not in the actual job description. Other than that the rules are pretty similar as in normal Google search. To be sure your content is ok please take a minute to read Google Content Policies.
  • Create XML Sitemaps for your jobs. The easiest way to have a sitemap created for your jobs is to use some SEO plugin like Yoast SEO.


  1. This is a very interesting development for Google. I think this is very interesting development as a lot of people are searching for jobs then I think I would be much easier to have a specific search for jobs alone.

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