Google services not working

WPJobBoard has few functionalities related to Google Services. Google For Jobs, Google Maps, Google Analytics Integration. Sometimes those systems do not work for you correctly and we will describe the most common issues.

Global Google issues

From a global perspective, there are two main reasons why something is not working. The first issue is missing the Google API code in the WPJobBoard configuration. To provide API code, go to wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configuration -> Google APIs, paste your code there, and click “check” to validate it. If you will receive “OK” everything is fine.

If you do not have an API key or do not know where you can find it, please follow instructions from Google documentation.

The second global issue is the lack of proper configuration of your project in the Google Developer Console. Please go to the documentation page of service you have issue with, where you will find all information and requirements:

Google Maps

Google Maps, have one additional common issue. Google maps do geolocation based on the job location. System use default location fields (job_location, job_state, job_zip_code, job_country), if you removed those fields, and replace those with your own, google map, is not able to handle this and will not return proper location. The only solution for this is to restore default fields into form and resave all jobs with new values.

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