Installation and Activation

WPJobBoard is installed and activated as any other WordPress plugin. All you need to do is download it, upload and activate using WP administration panel. Upon activation WPJobBoard will install itself in the background.

Minimal Requirements

The general rule is that, if you have WordPress already running on your server then you won’t have any problems running WPJobBoard. However, for the record. Minimal WPJobBoard 4.0 (and higher) requirements are as follow:

  • WordPress 3.3 (it will work with WordPress 3.0 but 3.3 version is recommended)
  • PHP 5.2.0
  • MySQL 5.0+

Plugin Installation

After purchase you will receive email with information how to download your copy of the WPJobBoard plugin, once you do that go to your WordPress admin panel, on the left sidebar click Plugins link (see Pic 1 arrow 1.).

Picture 1.

Next, click Add New link you can find this link in the plugins sidebar as well (see also Pic 1 arrow 2.).

At the top of the page you will see Upload link (see Pic. 1 arrow 3.), click it. You will be taken to the page where you can select select plugin file from you desktop which you want to install. Find WPJobBoard file (should be zipped *.zip) on your computer and click Install Now button .

Plugin Activation

After upload plugin won’t be active, you need click Activate link, after that you should see message that Plugin was successfully installed and activate. Now it’s ready to use (and you should see WPJobBoard menu in the right sidebar in the admin panel).

If for some reason WordPress won’t be able to activate the plugin you should see red warning message with information what has happened.

Post Activation Check

Once your plugin is up and running it is recommended to go to Appeareance / Widgets panel in wp-admin and add “Job Board Menu” and “Resumes Menu” widgets to the sideabar, they have all the job board navigation links.

After activation, aside of adding menu to the sidebar, WPJobBoard will create two WordPress pages named “Jobs” and “Resumes”. WPJB will be embedded into those pages, if you will remove them you won’t be able to access Jobs or Resumes functionality (depending on which page you deleted).

If for some reason this will happen to you, you can recreate this pages by deactivating and then activating again WPJobBoard from Plugins section (Pic. 1) in the wp-admin panel.

  1. Duncan

    Hi, if I get the personal licence, can I install the plugin on a test site and then move it to a live site later on without having to get the Business Licence for multiple sites? Thanks, Duncan

    • Greg

      Hi, with Personal License you can have as many installations you need as long as there is only one final/production website.

  2. how i can upgrade from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1.

    • Greg

      You can either use automatic updates (in order to do that you need to have API key in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / License entered) or login to client panel at download latest version, deactivate WPJB on your site, overwrite all files via FTP and activate WPJB again.

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