Introduction to Shortcodes

Important! This article is only applicable if you are using WPJB in old embedded mode, in other words if you purchased WPJB in January 2016 or later then this is not applicable to you unless you explicitly changed WPJB mode in configuration.

By default WPJobBoard does not need any shortcodes in order to operate properly. Most of the time it is recommended that you just add “Job Board Menu” and “Resumes Menu” widgets to the sidebar as they have all the navigation links to every part of the job board.

You might notice that on activation WPJobBoard creates two Pages “Jobs” and “Resumes” with content “[wpjobboard-jobs]” and “[wpjobboard-resumes]” respectively. While this may look like shortcodes they are not, this are just placeholders for actual job board and resume content. That being said “[wpjobboard-jobs]” and “[wpjobboard-resumes]” can be used only on Pages that WPJobBoard created on activation.

If you are not familiar with Shortcodes API please refer to WordPress Codex for detailed usage instructions.

  1. Do these still work ? I want to add jobs on certain pages…and is it possible to have a certain number of jobs displayed? for example [wpjobboard-jobs-5] would show the last 5.

  2. Donald

    these two original pages have stopped working for me for some reason. the shortcodes show up as plain text.

    “That being said “[wpjobboard-jobs]” and “[wpjobboard-resumes]” can be used only on Pages that WPJobBoard created on activation.”
    does that mean I should deactivate the plugin, delete those pages and reactivate the plugin?

    • Greg

      @Donald, yes permanently deleting Pages, deactivating and activating WPJB again should fix those pages, if not then you can email me i can take a look at it.

  3. cesar

    ok but if my website is multilingue, i will have to add those code on the second language page so manually creating a page, how can i do that?

    Also i need the codes to generate the application page, i m not using any sidebar on my website

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