Job Board Configuration Instruction

You can find “Job Board Options” in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Configuration.  You can here change your JobBoard options.


















  • Job list

    This section affects the [wpjb_jobs_list] and (in some cases) the [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcodes.

    • The search form on jobs list: Here you can manage search options on the Jobs list, you have three options.
      • Disabled: Hides the search bar on [wpjb_jobs_list].
      • Enabled: Enable search bar in the [wpjb_jobs_list] shortcode.
      • Enabled (with live search): When this option is selected the search bar is enabled and the results will be loaded using live search (in real-time without reloading the whole page).
    • Job offers per page: Number of job offers per page.
    • Filled Jobs: When a job is marked as filled, hide it on the jobs list.
    • Expired Jobs: If you enabled it, visitors can view expired jobs details pages (but the page will not show on the jobs list)
  • Job Details

    The settings in this section affect only the job details pages.

    • Days marked as new: Number of days since posting job will be displayed as new. (on the jobs list the “new” icon will be displayed next to the job)
    • Related Jobs: This option show related jobs on job details pages.
    • Apply online: This option hides ‘Apply Online’ button on job details pages.
    • Bookmarks: This option hides ‘Bookmark’ button on job details page.
    • Applications: Here you can choose if you want to allow only registered users to apply for jobs.
  • Jobs Publishing

    This section affects pages with [wpjb_jobs_add] shortcode.

    • Who Can Post Jobs: You can pick who can post a job, you have three options.
      • Anyone
      • Employer
      • Administration
    • Hold For Moderation: This option you can select which type of jobs need to be checked by the moderator before publishing, the available options are Free, Paid and Package (that is jobs posted using purchased membership package).
    • Job Edition: 
  • Employers Moderation

    • Moderation: If you enable it, only approved members will be able to log in.
    • Employer Approval: Here you can choose how you want to approve employers, you have two option
      • Instant – Employer is automatically approved after registration
      • By Administrator – Employer needs to be approved from wp-admin / Job Board / Employers panel
    • Employer Default Visibility: Here you can choose employer default visibility (employer can change this in his profile after registration), you have two options.
      • Private (not displayed on employers list)
      • Public (visible on employer list)

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