Managing Applications in Admin Panel

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Applications List in administration panel since WPJB 4.5.0 

If any applicant will apply for posted job using application for on job details page or using [wpjb_apply_form] shortcode then those entries will appear in the applications list.
The administrator can access the Applications from wp-admin / Job Board / Applications panelApplications list contains different data such as ‘Applicant Name’, ‘Applicant Email’, ‘Job’, ‘Files’, ‘Posted’ and ‘Status’. If you want other or more information about aplication, you have “Screen Options” where you can add more column to your candidate. You can find it from the top right.

But basic options is:

Applicant Name: It shows the name of the applicant who has applied for the posted job.
Applicant Email: Its shows the email address of the applicant
Job: Its show the title of job for which applicant has applied to
Files: While applying for a job if the applicant has attached any file this column will show the number of attached files.
Posted: On what date applicant has applied for posted job
Status: It will show different status of the applications.

  1. New: Once the applicant has applied for the job then those applications will show as ‘New’ status.
  2. Accepted: Once employer will review the application and change status to accept those applications will show as ‘Accepted’
  3. Rejected: If the employer will review the application and somehow it doesn’t fit into the job requirement than the employer will change its status to rejected.
  4. Read: Once employer views the application details page it will automatically change status to read.

It is possible to create additional job statuses using the Application Status API, note this requires some PHP programming knowledge.

By Clicking on status from the top, the user will able to filter the applications. User will able to filter applications from ‘View All dates’ drop down menu. User will able to change the status for multiple applications from ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down menu.


Add / Edit Applications

The user can add applications manually from wp-admin panel. To edit the application user has to hover the mouse on Applicant name and select ‘Edit’. User can add new applications from panel administration. If you want to do that, go wp-admin / Job Board / Aplications

While adding new applications, user can add the name of applicant, email address, message, and attachment. Also user can select the job for which candidate has applied by seeing the information about ‘Application status’, ‘Application Sent Date’ and ‘Name of the user’.

Customizing Application Form

If you wish to modify fields in the job application form you can do that from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Custom Fields / Apply Online form panel using the Custom Fields editor.


  1. Please explain how to use these fields in Admin:

    “Resumes Privacy” choices are “Hide Resume List and Details” or “Hide contact details only”

    “Resumes Default Visibility” – choices are “Hide Resume List and Details” or “Hide Contact Details Only”

    And how these fields work with the Candidate’s choice “Privacy” — “Show my resume in search results”

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