Managing Candidates in Admin Panel

Candidate List

The administrator can manage candidate details from admin panel from wp-admin / Job Board / Candidates panel.

In the candidates’ list, user can view ‘Candidate Name’, ‘Email address’, ‘Phone’, ‘Updated (By Owner) date and Status’.If you want other or more information about candidate, you have “Screen Options” where you can add more column to your candidate. You can find it from the top right.

But basic options it:

Candidate Name: It shows the full name of the candidate
Email Address: Its shows email address of candidates
Phone: Its shows the Phone number of the candidate.
Updated (By Owner): It shows when the candidate last updated his resume.
Status: Its shows different status and privacy settings of the particular candidate.

  1. Active: Its shows the Candidate is active
  2. Inactive: Its shows the candidates Inactive
  3. Public: If privacy setting “Show my resume in search results” checkbox is marked then it shows candidate entry as ‘Public’.
  4. Private: If privacy setting “Show my resume in search results”

If the checkbox is unmarked then it shows candidate entry as ‘Private’.

The administrator will be able to perform some common actions i.e. ‘Activate’, ‘Deactivate’ and ‘Delete’ quickly from ‘Bulk action’ drop down menu, he can also edit and delete candidate’s entry by mouse hovering on particular candidate’s name.

Add / Edit Candidates

The administrator is able to add new Candidates from administration panel, to do that go to wp-admin / Job Board / Candidates / Add New panel. While adding ‘Candidates’ detail user will be able to manage candidates’ ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘User Name’, ‘Password’ and ‘Email Address’.

Once Candidate’s entry is created user can add more information i.e. managing ‘Account Information’, ‘Address’, ‘Resume detail’, ‘Experience’, ‘Education’ and many other details by editing candidate entry.
Also user will able to manage ‘Created date’, ‘Modified date’ and ‘Resumes’ approved status’.

You easily check your fronetend, click “View Resume”  you have it on the right site under the photo, an example profile will look like on the image below

  1. Joachim


    How does the users are managed in your plugin ?
    I want to use yours with a plugin that manage users connection, is that possible ? If a candidate creates a resume does it creates a new wordpress user ?


    • Greg

      Hi, each user (employer or candidate) is a normal WP user with some additional data. Every time user is registered via WPJB he is also registered in wp_users table using wp_insert_user() function.

      • Joachim

        Thank you that’s helpful !

  2. Roman

    Is it possible to add a candidate without register a new user (set username and pw before create and add detail data)? For example if I’m an administrator of the jobboard and just want to list a new candidate.

    • Greg

      Hi, i am afraid not, each Resume needs to be associated with an account.

      • Roman

        So there’s no way to publish an anonymous candidate?

  3. Can I export all candidates to a CSV file with my custom fields created in the registration form?


    • Greg

      Currently i am afraid not, this feature will be available in WPJB version 4.3.

      • Hi Greg,

        When you’re going to release the version 4.3?

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