Managing Employers in Admin Panel

Employer List

The administrator will be able to manage employer details from admin panel. Administrator can edit, view and delete employer profile from wp-admin / Job Board / Employers panel.

In employer list user can view ‘Company Name’, ‘ID’, ‘Company Location’, ‘Representative’, ‘Job Posted’ and ‘Employer Status’.If you want other or more information about Employers, you have “Screen Options” where you can add more column about Employers. You can find it from the top right.

But basic options it:

Company Name: It will show the name of the company.
Company Location: It will show the location of the company.
Representative: It will to a profile of a user in wp-admin / Users panel who owns the company profile.
Job Posted: It will show the number jobs job posted by that company.
Status: It will show the different status of employer as ‘Pending Approval’, ‘Verified ‘and ‘Declined’.

  1. Pending Approval: Once user will add employer, default status will be ‘Pending Approval’. It means still user has not verified or view employer’s profile.
  2. Verified: User has verified newly added employer’s details and change status to ‘Verified’.
  3. Declined: After verification if user doesn’t want to enroll for the particular employer, user can change the status to ‘Declined’.

Note, the status are being used only if you have employers verification enabled in the Settings.

Add / Edit Employer

Administrator can add new Employer from admin panel, to do that go to wp-admin / Job Board / Employers / Add New

While adding employer information, user should maintain useful details i.e. ‘Employer Email’, ‘Company Name’, ‘Company Logo’, ‘Company Website’, ‘Company Info’ and ‘Company Location’. Employer also should maintain ‘User login Information’, ‘Posted Jobs’, Profile Information’ and ‘Company Account’.

You can easliy check company profile in the frontend by clicking “View profile” you have it on the right side under the photo.

An example profile looks like this.


  1. Ksn

    How can I set up the front end registration to set the status to “Pending for approval” by default?.

    • Greg

      From wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Resumes Options panel you can change option “Resumes Approval” to “By Administrator” then resumes will not be visible until Administrator will approve them.

  2. The website above is in test mode. My question:
    How do I set the option to moderate employers as “verified” or “declined”? When I add an employer name as a test, the system automatically accepts the new employer’s name. I’d like to be able to individually approve or disapprove a new employer.

    • Greg

      I am afraid that currently it is not possible to moderate Employers, there should be a free plugin for that in near future.

  3. Tim

    As an admin, can I add an employer with out creating a username and password? Can I just assign a current user?

    • Greg

      No, currently it is only possible to create new Employers.

  4. GM

    I would like to add a page that displays a list (clickable to the profiles) of all the active employers on the site. Is it possible to create a list of employer profiles? I can’t seem to locate this in the documentation.

    Many thanks!

    • Greg

      As of now (version 4.2) WPJB does not have feature that would allow displaying list of employer profiles, although this might be added soon in one of updates.

  5. Peter

    Is it possible to add more than one representative for a given company? I’m using it on a single corporate site, and don’t need additional companies, but would like 2-3 users to be able to post based on the same “Employer”.

    • Greg

      Right now i am afraid not, we are working on an addon that will make this possible, but right now i cannot tell when it will be finished.

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