Managing Job in Admin Panel

Job List

It will show the list of available jobs. To access the job list, perform following steps. go to wp-admin / Job Board / Jobs

Job list contains different columns like ‘Position Title’, ‘Company Name’, ‘Job Type’, ‘Category’, ‘Price’, ‘Expires Date’, ‘Applications’ and ‘Status’. If you want other or more information about Jobs, you have “Screen Options” where you can add more columns to your candidate.

The default columns are

Position Title: It shows the title of the particular Job.
Company Name: It shows which company has posted the particular job.
Job Type: It indicates whether posted job is ‘Full Time’, ‘PartTime’ or ‘Internship’.
Category: It shows in which category particular job comes under. (Ex: If job is related to “Software Testing” then it falls under “Software” category)
Price: It shows the amount which client has to pay to post this particular job
Expires Date: It shows the job expiration date.
Applications: It shows the number of applicants for the particular job.
Status: It shows the current status of the job posting.

Different Job Status

Active: Its shows list of those jobs, which are visible by default in [wpjb_jobs_list] and [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcodes.
Unread: Any jobs, which are posted by a user in the frontend using [wpjb_jobs_add] shortcode, but not yet viewed by the administrator.
Awaiting Approval: This status is set for free jobs which require Administrator action (moderation).
Inactive: If Administrator wants to disable (make it invisible in [wpjb_jobs_list] and [wpjb_jobs_search]) the job then he can mark this job as inactive.
Expiring Soon: If any job posting will expire within 5 days than those job entries will appear with expiring soon status.
Expired: the job posting is considered expired when its expiration date is greater than the current date.
Awaiting Payment: For a job posting created in the frontend using [wpjb_jobs_add] shortcode, which has a paid listing type selected (the user needs to make a payment before the job will be published), this status means that the job was posted but payment was not approved yet.

The administrator can change the status of the job from ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down menu. The administrator can filter the records by different status by clicking on status link at top.

For ease of viewing User can filter jobs by date from date drop down menu, sort them by clicking on respective columns and search them using the search functionality on the right side.

Add New Job

The administrator can post a new job from adminnistration panel by following these steps, go to: wp-admin / Job Board / Jobs / Add New

While adding the job user can add ‘Job title’, ‘Job Type’, ‘Category’, ‘Company name’, ‘Address’ and ‘Job location’. Also, user can maintain other information like ‘Publish’, ‘Expires date’, ‘Post as’, ‘Listing and featured job’ etc.

Also, user can maintain other information like ‘Publish’, ‘Expires date’, ‘Post as’, ‘Listing and featured job’ etc.
By mouse hovering on job title user can able to view, edit and delete job details.

We have the following options in the ‘Listing’:

  • Post as: Write name of a person who added post, when you start typing some suggestions will appear, the user will be changed only if you click on one of the available options.
  • Listing Custom: this option lists Single Job Pricings defined in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Pricings / Single Job Postings panel, you can use them if you want to assign some listing type to job posting, otherwise leave as “Custom”.
  • Publish: You can choose when you post will be publish your post.
  • Expires: Date when your post expires.


  • Listing is approved: click on it if you want approved you job post.
  • Display job as featured: your post will be as featured.
  • This position is already taken: If position in company is currently busy





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