Migrating from version 3.6 to 4.0

Version 4.0 is almost totally rewriten 3.6, there were so many changes in DB scheme, files and templates that in order to upgrade from version 3.6 you need to use specially written migrator (which is actually an additional WP plugin).

Before you upgrade

  • Super Mega Imortant! Migrator script requires that your hosting: has ZipArchive library installed, allows max execution time of 5 minutes or more and allows to use 64 MB memory or more, if in doubt please ask your hosting support if the following requirements are met and if not what they can do about it.
  • Any changes you made in version 3.6 you will need to redo in version, also most hooks and filters will not be compatible with version 4.0
  • In version 4.0 following functionalities were removed permanently or temporarly: premium employer membership, admin resumes approval. If there is any other functionlity crucial to your business, check if it is avaialble in 4.0
  • Migrator will migrate data only from unmodified version 3.5.3 or newer.
  • Only jobs, resumes, applications, companies, job types and job categories will be migrated.
  • The payment data is not being migrated so all jobs after migration will be visible as posted for free
  • Experience and education fields in Resumes are in different format than in version 3.6, while this data is being migrated it is recommended to notify resume owners and ask them to update resumes.

Prepearing for migration

Hosting environments usually offer limited resources in terms of script execution time and memory usage. Ideally the hosting should allow to use 128 MB memory and unlimited script execution time, there is also a couple of things you can do in order to help migrator use as low memory and time as possible: it is recommended that before upgrade you delete all jobs/resumes/companies/applications that are inactive or you do not want to use anymore.

Upgrade procedure

  1. Download Migrator and install on site where you have WPJB 3.6 or newer installed
  2. Backup your DB before starting migration (that is backup all wpjb_* tables in DB and files in wpjobboard/environment directory)
  3. In wp-admin go to Tools / WPJB Migrator and export your current WPJobBoard DB.
  4. (optional but recommended) Create new WordPress installation, add WPJobBoard 4.0.1 or newer to it, and import data you exported in previous step (in wp-admin go to  Settings (WPJB) / Import / XML File Import ). Note this requires ZipArchive library enabled on your hosting, if it is not enabled you can unzip files on your computer and upload all the XML files instead.
  5. If everything is ok, from your production site deactivate and delete WPJobBoard 3.6 as well as any plugins/filters it is using
  6. Repeat step #4 but this time on your production site.
  1. rkrevolution@gmail.com

    Does this still work from a 4.1 -> another instance of 4.1?

    • Greg

      Yes, it still does work, the migrator will allow you to migrate from version 3.5.3 to the most recent 4 release.

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