Migrating to Shortcodes

If you are reading this article then most likely you are using WPJB in old Embedded mode (you can check that in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Default Pages and URLs panel) and are looking to migrate to recent and modern Shortcoded version.

Important. Before you start migration it is highly recommended that you do a full site backup, the migration is designed in a way that it should never break anything on your site but each website is different and you can never be sure.

In order to do a migration, you need WPJB 4.3.0 or newer and a migration plugin which you can download here. The migration plugin will do for you the following:

  • Enable Shortcoded Mode with Custom Post Types.
  • Generate Custom Post Type links for Jobs, Resumes and Companies
  • Replace pages with [wpjobboard-jobs] and [wpjobboard-resumes] tags with default shortcodes.
  • Create 302 Redirects from old Job, Resumes and Companies links to Custom Post Type links.

Using the Migration Plugin is quite simple, install it from wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel, then go to the plugin panel and click Start Migration, you should see the migration status in real time. Do not close the browser window as this will stop the migration.


If the migration will make your website completely unusable, restore your site from backup and ask support for help.

If you would like to debug the migrated site yourself then what to do depends on what problem are you actually having:

Some part of the website is not working properly?

This usually can be caused by some WPJB code snippet, customization or child-template not compatible with Shortcoded Mode or Custom Post Types.

In this case, start with going to wp-admin / Plugins panel and disable all plugins related to WPJobBoard, that is any WPJB customization developed for you, a free add-on or code snippet copied from snippets library and see if it helps.

If it does track down which plugin is causing a problem (to do that enable plugins one by one until the problem will show again) and report it to our support we should be able to help you.

If disabling plugins will not help then in the Migrator you will have an option to disable Child Templates try it and see this works, if it does then it means you have some child template files, that is files in wp-content/themes/your-theme-name/wpjobboard/ folder that are not compatible with latest WPJB version and you need to either use the default files or update your child templates.

Job, Resume or Company details pages are using the wrong template?

The Custom Post Types will make your job, resume and company details pages use Single post templates instead of Page template this can change how the details page look like but usually it is simple to restore the old layout.

Go to wp-content/themes/your-theme-name/ folder and create there a file named single-job.php and copy to this file content from single.php or page.php file, these files should also be in your current theme directory and save.

Refresh the Job details page and see if it helps, if it does not then you will need to reach out to your theme support and ask them: How to make a Custom Post Type page use the same layout as the Pages?


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    download link for the Migrator is not working.

    • Wojciech Szydłowski

      it works 🙂

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