Other Emails


This is a template for weekly and daily email notifications/subscriptions.

Avaialble variables:
{$unsubscribe_url} – URL user can use to unsubscribe from email alerts
{$alert} – Alert Object
{$jobs} – array of matched Job objects

  1. Hi folks,
    is there an option to send ad hoc emails to either candidates or employers or both?
    If not, is there a plugin that will do this that you can recommend and won’t impact your wonderful jobboard?

    • Greg

      Hi @Leo, i am afraid that currently there is no plugin/addon that would allow to do this, the only possibility i can think of right now is to export all emails from WPJB tables using phpMyAdmin and import them into some mailing software like MailChimp or Aweber.

  2. Where do the send-to email addresses come from for this template? It’s a great idea, but how do you decide who to send the weekly/daily notifications to?

    • Greg

      This email alert is being sent to users who subscribed to email alerts, you can find them in wp-admin / Job Board / E-mail Alerts panel.

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