Password reminder link

By default, we do not add Remind Password link to our login forms, but if you want to have it, you can easily add it using a simple snippet.

If you do not know how to add snippets properly, take a look at ourĀ documentation file, where we explained how you can do this.

add_filter("wpjb_shortcode_login", "wpjb_snipp_password_reminder_link");

* Adds "Remind Password" link to WPJB login forms.
* This function uses wpjb_shortcode_login filter to create and insert
* remind password link.
* @param stdClass View object to be updated
* @return stdClass Updated View object
function wpjb_snipp_password_reminder_link($view) {

    $buttons = $view->buttons;

    // Add another button (technically this can be any HTML tag)
    $buttons[] = array(
        "tag" => "a", 
        "href" => wp_lostpassword_url(), 
        "html" => "Remind Password"

    // Note you cannot modify $view->buttons array directly, 
    // you can only assign value to it.
    $view->buttons = $buttons;
    return $view;

This code will add a proper button. If you want to use different text, you can change HTML param in the above code.



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