PayPal Integration

PayPal is one of the most popular payment processor available. This post will provide you information on how to configure it for WPJobBoard.

Create a PayPal account

First, you need an account on the PayPal page. You can choose “Business” or “Private” account. We recommend here Business option because with the Personal account you might not be able to receive instant payment notifications and you will need to manually approve all payments.

First, you need to provide a valid e-mail. For this, we recommend using e-mail in your domain like Before you do it, be sure you have access to e-mail you chose.

After this, you need to fill some basic information about your company and yourself. When you finish the whole process, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your account.

Configure WPJobBoard

Now it is time to configure WPJobBoard, to do this go to wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configure -> PayPal

Configuration is very easy:

  • Configuration
    • Availability – Here you can enable or disabled payment method,
    • Title – Title will be visible on payment methods tab (in third [wpjb_jobs_add] step). If you will leave it blank title will be “PayPal”,
    • Order – Integer that indicates the position of PayPal on payment methods tab.
  • PayPal
    • PayPal eMail – e-mail you used to create PayPal account (if you provide the wrong one, you will not receive money!)
    • PayPal Environment – Production or Sandbox. In Sandbox mode, you do not operate on real money and it is a good way to test if everything is working fine. Remember to set this to production on the live page, because only in production mode you will be able to receive actual money.

When you filled all fields you can update and you are done. You can test if your integration is working properly by posting a new non-free job.

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