Pricing and Payments

This article is intended as a complete guide to configuring pricing and payment methods in WPJobBoard. It will explain from start to finish how to charge Employers for job postings (or make them free), resumes access and memberships.

Configure Pricing Schemes

You can configure pricing schemes (including free job listings) from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Pricing panel.


From the list, you can create new listing types

Single Job Posting

This is where you can configure how much single job listing will cost (or make it free) and how long will it be displayed on site after activation.


The form has following fields:

  • Listing Title – this should be something descriptive so users will be able to tell what they are purchasing, for example, a good title could be “30 Day Featured Listing”.

  • Listing Price and Currency – these fields allow you to set how many listings will cost if you want to make the listing free just enter “0” in Listing Price field

  • Is Active – if you will not check this field users will be unable to use it when posting a job

  • Is Featured – when checked all jobs posted using this listing will be displayed as featured that is they will be at the top of the jobs list with a yellowish background.

  • Visible – the number of days job will be visible since publication.

ProTip: If you allow your Employers to post job listings you might consider creating more than one Single Job Posting in order to allow them to post normal and featured listings.

Single Resume Access

Clicking Add New will allow you to configure how much will it cost to access single resume.

Adding and Editing “Single Resume Access” listing works pretty much the same as for “Single Job Posting” except there are no “Is Featured” and “Visible” fields in resumes, so for reference please refer to the previous section.

Employer Membership Packages

Memberships allow configuring advanced pricing schemes. You can select how long membership will be valid after purchase and which listing types will be included in the membership.

The fields “Listing Title”, “Listing Price”, “Currency” and “Is Active” work the same as for “Single Job Listing” so they should not require explanation, we will focus just on the new ones.

  • Trial – (since WPJB 4.4.4) checking this checkbox will automatically activate this Membership for all newly registered Employers. Hint: if you want to use Membership as Trial it is best to uncheck “Is Active” checkbox, so users cannot renew the Trial once it expires.
  • Recurring – (to use this option, you need to configure Stripe first!) after saving recurring membership new plan will be created in Stripe. Recurring payment will charge user every month for the provided price. Working only with Stripe!
  • Recurrence – the valid value here is an integer greater than zero, it is a number of days after which package will expire. Once package expires Employer will not be able to use it. You can leave 0 for Never Expire.

  • Job Posting – this field is a list of “Single Job Postings”, in order to configure package you need to select which “Single Job Listings” will be included in the package and how many times Employer will be able to use them.

  • Resumes Access – this is the same as “Job Posting” field above, with the difference that the list is created from “Single Resume Access” listings.

ProTip: Membership Packages are being built from Single Job Postings and Single Resume Packages, so before you create a package it is best to create some single listing types first (you can make them inactive).

Candidate Membership

Candidate membership configuration

What the “Pricing Details” section do and how to configure you can read above in the “Single Job Posting” section for example.

The “Trial” and “Recurrence” work the same way is in the Employer Membership, so i will only explain the options which were not explained before

  • Featured – If you mark the Membership as featured then in the [wpjb_candidate_membership] shortcode this plan will display as featured. Note you can overwrite this option using “featured” param in the [wpjb_candidate_membership].
  • Have Access – Here you can select which pages the users with valid membership will have access to.
  • Is Searchable – If this checkbox is checked then Employers will be able to find users with this membership when searching using [wpjb_resumes_list] or [wpjb_resumes_search] shortcodes.
  • Featured Level – (integer) The featuring works similarly as with featured jobs, except you can select featuring level. The higher the number the higher in search results the user will be displayed.
  • Alert Slots – (integer) Select how many Job Alerts a user with this membership can create.

Important Note. After (or before) configuring the Candidate Memberships you need to go to wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Resumes Options and set default values in “Membership Default” section, otherwise, the results in the frontend might become unpredictable

Candidates Membership Config Page

You can think of the Membership Default as “What should user see if he does not have a valid membership?”. That is how many Alert Slots he should have, should he be visible in the search results and which pages he can access.

The only exception is the “Access” field when you select if the user needs to be only registered or a premium user to have this default features.

Payment Methods

You can manage WPJobBoard payment methods from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) panel. By default, WPJB is integrated with PayPal IPN and Stripe, but it is possible to add new payment methods using Payment API, although this requires some PHP programming knowledge.

ProTip: You can browse knowledge base Snippets and Plugins it has at least one additional payment integration you can download for free.

ProTip: On the Payment API page you will find “Bank Transfer” example that you can use on your site to allow making payments by Cash or Bank Transfer.

Payment Methods has a couple of common configuration fields, and usually some fields specific to currently edited PM (for example API Key or Account ID).


The common fields allow setting following options

  • Availability, allow to turn on and off payment method

  • Title, if you want the Payment Method to be displayed in the frontend with name different than default you can set it here

  • Order, the lower the number the higher the Payment Method will be in <select> field that allows users to select a Payment Method (when posting a job for example).

Purchasing Job Postings and Memberships

Once you have Pricing and Payment Methods set users in the frontend will be able to use them to make purchases in the Frontend.

Purchasing Membership

To purchase membership employer should go to a page with [wpjb_membership_pricing] shortcode. The employer just needs to click “Purchase Now” under the plan he wants. If the user is not signed, the login form will show up. For the signed employer, the Purchase link will take you to purchase confirmation page where you can also select Payment Method. Recurring memberships are working only with Stripe!

Membership purchase page.

Membership purchase page.

Shortcode will list all active membership packages if the admin does not define another way in shortcode attributes.

Once you purchase a membership that includes some job postings you will be able to use job credits in “Post a Job” form.

Managing Memberships

The employer is able to see all his memberships in Employer Dashboard.

New membership page

An employer can see all active membership, number of usages and days until expiration. Also, the employer is able to rebuy package or cancel the subscription for recurring memberships. Under “More” button employer can see an archive of membership usages.

Purchase Single Job Listing

From “Post a Job” form, by default Pricing and Payment Methods fields are at the end of the form inside Listing group, as visible in the screenshot below

If the employer has a membership that allows him to publish membership, the employer can use them instead of paying for the job each time.

At the end of the adding process, the user will be able to pay for his job.

Please note that if you have only one Payment Method enabled then the payment methods tabs will be hidden and only payment methods will be used (since there will be the only available PM it will be used as a default).

Similarly, when Employer is on resume details page (and in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Resumes Options panel you allow only Premium Employers to view resume details) he can Purchase Resume Details.

This works similarly like with publishing a job with an exception that if Employer purchased a package that includes unlimited access to resumes he can automatically access all the resumes without making a purchase each time.

Managing Payments and Memberships

All requested payments are logged in the wp-admin / Job Board / Payments panel.


This is a panel that allows seeing if and when payment for selected item (job, resume access or membership) was made. For successful payments, the External Id column will show payment ending and external payment id, that is an id set by payment gateway which was handling the transaction.

In case of problems when processing the payment column Message should show an error message.

Stripe and PayPal IPN payments are automatically approved via API, if you are using some Cash or Bank Transfer payment methods you might need to manually approve a payment, you can do that from the payments list after clicking “Mark as Paid” link next to payment you want to approve.

In case you would like to edit/add/remove Employer membership you can do that from wp-admin / Job Board / Memberships panel.

  1. Akino

    Same question of Guillermo

    • Greg

      you can register new currency using WPJB “wpjb_list_currency” filter, for example

      add_filter("wpjb_list_currency", "my_new_currency");
      function my_new_currency($all) {
      $all[710] = array(
      "code" => "ZAR",
      "name" => "South African Rand",
      "symbol" => "R",
      "decimal" => 2
      return $all;

      this will add South African Rand to the currencies list, the code you should add in your theme functions.php file or even better create a new plugin and put the code there.

  2. Is there any way to make a job always visible? I tried the command “always” but it seems that you can only use numeric characters.

    • Greg

      Currently (up to version 4.2) it is not possible when posting a job in the frontend it always has to have an expiration date.


    Hi, Can I turn pricing and listing off completely?

    • Greg

      In order to do that you need to:
      1. in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Pricing / Single Job Posting panel leave just one pricing with price equal to 0, it will be used as a default listing type.
      2. in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Custom Fields / Add/Edit Job Form panel trash all fields related to payments.

      Note that this will work with WPJB 4.1.4 or newer only.


        Excellent Thanks.

  4. Hi. Is there a way to set the order in which the price options display on the post a job page?

    • Greg

      Currently (as of version 4.2.1) the listing types are sorted by name only, it is not really possible to change it without modifying original code.

  5. Am I able to “upgrade” a single job from regular to featured from WordPress?

    • Greg

      Yes, when editing the job from wp-admin panel you can check “Is Featured” checkbox to make it featured, although only administrator can do this.

  6. Drew Kroft

    Is there a way to allow an employer the option of selecting the listing type, then having a checkbox for “featured” that will tack on the fee, rather than creating a normal and featured option for each?

    • Greg

      Currently there is no such feature in WPJobBoard i am afraid.

  7. david

    Is there a way to set the price for the listing(the new job to add) according to the country -> calculate some tax for some countries?

    can someone help me?

    • Greg

      Out of box this is not really possible in WPJB i am afraid.

  8. Dylan

    Hey Greg

    Is there a way to include a cost for additional job posts within a membership package? Say that I set a limit of 5 for a plan and a user exceeds that limit, I would like them to be required to pay a certain amount of money for each additional job posting.

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