Promotion List:

‘Promotions’ page helps user to create and manage the discount entry.

To access the ‘Promotions’ page follow the below-mentioned sequence.

  1. Login to wp-admin/Settings(WPJB)/Promotions

‘Promotions’ page shows the information about ‘Title’, ‘Code’, ‘Discount’, ‘Expires At’, ‘Usage’ and ‘Is Active’.

 Add Promotion:

To Add New Promotion/Discount entry user has to click on “Add New” button.

While adding promotion/discount entry user should maintain ‘Discount Title’, ‘Code’, ‘Discount Value’, ‘Discount Type’, ‘Currency’, ‘Expiration Date’, ‘Used’, ‘Max Use’s and ‘Is Active’ information.


Discount Title: It shows the title of the discount entry.
Code:  It shows the discount code. It should be the unique.
Discount Value: It shows the discount value.
Discount Type: It enables the user to select discount type as ‘Percentage  (%)’ or ‘Fixed amount of money’.
Currency: It helps the user to select the appropriate currency and use it for payment and discount.
Expiration Date: It shows the  the expiration date of the particular discount entry.
Used: It shows the number of times the coupon is already used  for the selected discount entry.
Max Uses: It shows the maximum number for which coupon can be used for the selected discount entry.
Is Active: It provides the check mark box  to select whether the  discount entry is  active or inactive.


User can delete the particular discount entry by hovering the mouse on it.

From bulk Actions drop down menu user can make particular promotion entry as activate, deactivate or can delete also.


  1. Gavin

    If your promotion code resulted in the posting being free of charge – i.e. £00.00

    Would this cause any issues with the payment process?

    • No it shouldn’t, when you apply 100% discount code, so the price is equal to 0, then the payment gateway is omitted and user is taken directly to success page.

  2. Peter

    If applying a discount to a recurring membership, does the discount recur as well or is it only applied to the first payment?

    • Greg

      It should be applied to the first payment only.

  3. Bob jones

    Coupon is not working

    • Greg

      I am not sure what do you mean, can you elaborate?

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