Redirection loop or wrong redirection

Do you have an issue when you send a form, and you are redirected to the same page without any action performed, or you are redirected in the wrong place? You are adding a job, clicking save and instead of confirmation page, you see the form again? It is a common issue with a very simple solution. WordPress after updating software recreate rewrite rules and in some cases, does it wrongly.

There are two things you need to check and you will probably solve the issue.

First, go to wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configuration -> Default Pages & URLs. Check if all shortcodes have provided values. You do not need to have it all, but you need to have values for shortcodes you are using. In case I described before with job form, in many cases lack of page for [wpjb_jobs_add] shortcode is a source of the issue.

If you have the whole configuration correct, there is a second thing you can try. Go to wp-admin -> Settings -> Permalinks, and just click “save” without making any changes. This will force WordPress to recreate rewrite rules again, and it should solve most of the redirection issues.

If this will not help, just contact us via our support e-mail.

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