Restore Job Type checkbox

With the new update, on your front-end page job type checkboxes, may be changed to select. If you want to restore the checkbox version, you can use the easy snippet.

If you do not know how to add snippets properly, take a look at our documentation file, where we explained how you can do this.

add_filter( "wpjb_form_init_list_search", "my_wpjb_form_init_list_search" );
function my_wpjb_form_init_list_search( $form ) {
    if( $form->hasElement( "type" ) ) {
        $form->removeElement( "type" );

    $e = $form->create("type", "checkbox");
    $e->addMeta("classes", "wpjb-input wpjb-input-type-full");
    $form->addElement($e, "visible");

    return $form;

With this simple code, you will again have nice looking checkboxes.



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