Resumes Options Instruction

You can find “Resumes Options” in wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Configuration.  You can configure here some resumes options.

  • Privacy

    • Resumes Privacy: Allows to select if unprivileged users should not see just the contact details on whole resumes list and resume details pages as well. You have two options.
      • Hide contact details only
      • Hide resume list and details
    • Grant Resumes Access: Select who can view the resume details.
      • To all
      • To register members
      • To employers
      • To employers(verified)
      • To premium members
  • Candidate Moderation

    • Moderation: if you enable it, only approved members will be able to log in.
    • Resumes Approval: Here you can choose when you want resumes approval, you have two option.
    • Resumes Default Visibility: Here you can choose whether the resumes can be visibility, you have two options.
      • Private (note displayed on resume list)
      • Public (visible on resume list)
  • Other

    • On Application: If you will enable this option then Employers will be able to view whole resume details pages of the candidates who applied for Employer jobs.
    • Search from on jobs list: Here you can turn on or off search bar on the resumes list [wpjb_resumes_list], you have two option.
      • Disabled
      • Enabled

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