Job Alerts and RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

There are two ways users can subscribe to RSS Feeds, either by clicking “Subscribe To This Search” button in the [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcode or from the Job Feeds plugin.

Below you can see how the user can subscribe to the RSS Feeds from [wpjb_jobs_search].

The subscription popup can be opened using any link with “wpjb-subscribe” class, if the link is on page with [wpjb_jobs_list] or [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcode. For example adding the link below will open the popup

<a href="#" class="wpjb-subscribe">Subscribe</a>

Note the subscribe popup will subscribe the user to his current job search, for example if the user is browsing all jobs he will be subscribed to all jobs, if he is looking for jobs in “London” he will be subscribed to jobs based in London.

Job Feeds

if you want to add Job feeds widgets you must go to wp-admin /Appearance / Widgets panel find “Job Feeds” and drag it to the main sidebar once you do that you can change the title and enable or disabled option.

When you all change and save you can see this widget in the frontend.


The administrator can check available RSS feeds from wp-admin panel. Go to wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Configuration / Aggregators and RSS Feeds.

The page lists URL to All feeds and to feeds by category.

Job Alerts

Aside of that WPJobBoard has “Job alerts” widget which you can add to sidebar it allows to subscribe to email alerts and RSS Feeds

Job alerts its small but very useful widget because this widget can be used in two ways. First is when he use “Advanced Search” and when some job listings are displayed, the user can click on “Subscribe Now” and when he does that, he will be a subscribed and will receive job alerts about the jobs matching his current search.

The second option is when he don’t use the advanced search just want to save at the moment. He can write your keyword and put his email and click “Create email alert”, now he will be a subscribed.

You can easily check who subscribed to the email alerts from wp-admin /Job  Board / E-mail Alerts. It looks like this.



  1. Tyler Bailey

    Is it possible to add the location & company name to the RSS feed?

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