Displays list of resumes (using design similar to the one default resumes list is using), the list of can be modified using multiple parameters.

Available parameters

  • filter
    Allowed values: active (resumes visible on the job board) and all (all resumes). Default value is “active”

  • query
    Search resumes by keyword in headline, education and experience

  • category
    Resume category ID, will only list resumes from matching category.

    In order to get resumes from multiple categories, you can separate catgory IDs with coma (see second example below).

  • country
    Country ID, note that only numeric ISO-3166-1 codes are accepted, for example if you wish to display resumes from USA only then valid value will be 840.

  • location
    Allows to search resumes by country (iso codes and full country name), state, zip code and city

  • meta__$key
    Allows to search resumes by cusom fields, for example if you have created custom field named “skills”, you can list resumes with “skills” equal to “PHP” by passing “meta__skills” parameter to the shortcode (see third example below).

  • sort_order
    How resumes should be sorted, the default value is: first by modified_at, next by id.

    Changing sort order requires some PHP knowledge but is not that hard. First you need to find column in wp_wpjb_resume table by which you want to sort resumes, lets say it will be descending by creation date (column created_at), then as a sort value pass “t1.created_at DESC” if you would like sort resumes ascending replace DESC with ASC (see 4th example below).

  • page
    The page number to show, default value is 1, while possible, it is not recommended to change the default value, as this will break pagination

  • count
    Number of resumes per page, the default value is 20, if you change it to 0 then all resumes will be listed on single page.

  • page_id
    (int) ID of a Page to which this shortcode will link to when for example doing a search, by default the value is current page ID (since 4.3.4)

Usage examples

Find all resumes matching “Yale University” in experience, education or headline

[wpjb_resumes_list filter="all" query="Yale University"]

Displaying resumes posted in category 1 or 3 (or both).

[wpjb_resumes_list category="1,3"]

Searching for jobs that have Custom Field “skills” with value equal to “PHP”

[wpjb_resumes_list meta__skills="PHP"]

Sort resumes by creation date and ID

[wpjb_resumes_list sort_order="t1.created_at DESC, t1.id DESC"]

CSS Customization

/* Remove Users Avatar */

.wpjb-grid-col.wpjb-col-logo {
display: none;

/*Remove name company*/

.wpjb-col-title .wpjb-sub {
display: none !important;

/* Change color "Name and Sername" */

.wpjb-grid-row .wpjb-col-title a {
color: red !important;

/* Remove date */

.wpjb-col-date .wpjb-line-major {
display: none !important;

/* Remove Location */

.wpjb-col-location .wpjb-line-major {
display: none !important;
  1. How do you get the resume display as per your image as above?

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